The state Duma adopted in the second reading amendments to the 2015 budget

Moscow. November 18. The state Duma at session on Wednesday has accepted in the second reading amendments to the Federal budget 2015.

The bill provides for the increase in total revenues in 711,6 billion (0.9% of GDP) – up to 13 trillion 251 billion. Income will be increased due to the increase in oil and gas revenues in the amount of 193,2 billion and non-oil revenue in the amount of 518,4 billion.

Total expenses increased by RUR 202.3 billion (0.2% of GDP) and will be in 2015 15 billion to 417 billion roubles.

The Federal budget deficit in 2015 will amount to 2 trillion 165 billion (3% GDP), which is 0.7% of GDP below the previously approved level.

The amendments to the second reading it is proposed to increase to 7.7 billion rubles of subsidies to support measures to ensure balanced budgets of the constituent entities.

“Following the implementation of the solutions that we discussed in August and September: not prisoners in a timely manner of the agreement on granting subsidies and subventions to subjects of the Russian Federation in the amount of almost 7.7 billion rubles are deducted, and this amount is increasing subsidies to the subjects”, – noted earlier, first Deputy Finance Minister Tatyana Nesterenko.

The amendments also distributed by region of 45 billion rubles for balanced budgets. These funds will be used for compensation of lost income due to the creation of consolidated groups of taxpayers and on compensation for the additional costs of insurance premiums for compulsory health insurance for the unemployed.

In addition to and not used in 2015 subsidies Crimea in the amount of 15 billion 745 million rubles is directed to the development Fund for housing. In 2016, funds which were to be sent to the Fund, it is proposed to recover in subsidies Crimea.

“Not lost money in the Crimea, now they are invited this year to give to the Fund of housing and communal services, and when we consider the budget of 2016, that amount to return to the Crimea, for the same purposes,” – said the head of the Committee on budget and taxes Andrey Makarov.

3.2 billion is requested to send as contribution to the authorized Fund of the State space scientific production center (Khrunichev) them.M.In.Khrunichev.

In addition, 1.5 billion rubles is to be removed from the closed articles of the budget and direct the state unitary enterprise “Center for operation of ground space infrastructure”.

The provision of “Assistance” is suggested to reduce to 1,575 billion and transfer the funds to the Ministry of industry and trade.

The amendments also provide for increase in reserve Fund of the government for 1.5 billion roubles in connection with the decision on suspension of air links with Egypt. These funds are proposed to be redeployed from other government Fund for prevention and liquidation of emergency situations and natural disasters.

The bill also clarifies the main macroeconomic indicators for 2015. So, oil prices to $53 per barrel (was $50 per barrel). The forecast drop in GDP in 2015 to 3.9% (was 3%).

Inflation in Russia, according to the government, will be by the end of 2015 to 12.2%, the projected GDP is 73 trillion 515 billion rubles.

The document clarifies the only options for 2015, the indicators for the planning period 2016 and 2017 does not change.