“VKontakte” launches a messaging service to communities

“VKontakte” launches a messaging service to communities

Representatives of the social network we hope that the new tool will greatly simplify the communication between users and administrators groups and public pages.

MOSCOW, 18 Nov. Social network “Vkontakte” announced the launch of a new feature for private messages to all available groups and public pages. With the new service, the representatives of the companies will be able to reply to users in a familiar environment, said in a press release of the social network. The new feature is available immediately on all platforms, including mobile.

“Facebook in the first place is the biggest communication platform, and communication plays a key role. Today, we are building an important bridge between tens of thousands of companies and tens of millions of users, providing numerous new opportunities for interaction,” said Director of operations for VK Andrey Rogozov.

According to representatives of social networks, before sending a personal message to a group, the user will also see the average response time from this community.

In closed testing the messaging service was attended by over 80 major communities of different subjects, including major brands, among which Sberbank, Qiwi Russia, Tinkoff Bank, Yota, adidas, IKEA and TSS.

“VKontakte” is the largest Russian social network, daily audience of which exceeds 75 million people. According to the social network, it registered more than 300 million users.