European Commissioner: EU will help Kiev in connection with the Russian embargo

European Commissioner: EU will help Kiev in connection with the Russian embargo

The EU has provided Ukraine with enough funds to prepare for the possible reaction of Russia to establish a free trade zone between Ukraine and the EU, said Johannes Hahn.

MOSCOW, 19 Nov –. Brussels is not going to compensate Ukraine’s losses from the food embargo, which Russia intends to impose in connection with the creation of a free trade area (FTA) between Ukraine and the EU. About it the European Commissioner for enlargement and European neighbourhood policy Johannes Hahn said in an interview with “Ukrainian truth”.

“Of course, we were and remain opposed to any actions that impede trade. But we have already provided many means to make Ukrainian business prepared for new export opportunities to new market conditions,” said Khan.

“We will speak frankly: ever since our agreement on the FTA, it was no secret that after the introduction of the Russian Federation can act in response, whether we like it or not. And plenty of time to prepare for this,” said the Commissioner.

Johannes Hahn also indicated that the EU will not Fund the salary increase of the Ukrainian civil servants to the reform of the civil service. According to him, requires a “concept of reform,” “concrete, which is now missing.”

“This is exactly what we need to change in relations with Ukraine. In the past, we too often financed promises. The time has come when we are ready to Finance only the result,” said Khan.

A year ago Ukraine and the European Parliament ratified the Association agreement between Ukraine and the EU, part of which is the provision on the free trade zone. Russia is concerned with the introduction from 1 January 2016 in the provisions of the free trade zone and fears of an influx of duty-free goods from the EU through Ukraine, therefore, intends to enter the food embargo and customs duties for Ukraine on 1 January 2016.