Lavrov hopes that no one will have to wait for new troubles, in order to unite against terrorism

Lavrov hopes that no one will have to wait for new troubles, in order to unite against terrorism

MOSCOW, November 19. The head of the Russian foreign Ministry expects that no one will have to wait for new troubles, to rally to the anti-terrorist platform. He said this in an interview with “Radio Russia”.

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The Russian Federation submitted to the UN security Council renewed the draft resolution on the fight against terrorism

“A resolution calling to unite in the fight against the ISIL (the former name is forbidden in the Russian Federation the terrorist group “Islamic state” – approx.TASS) and other terrorists in the middle East and North Africa, we have made at the end of September – reminded Lavrov. – About our initiative announced by the President, speaking at the General Assembly. The next day we organized a Ministerial meeting of the Security Council, where the draft resolution was circulated”.

“Western partners said that they do not like prescribed in the resolution the provision that the anti-terrorist operation should be coordinated with States on whose territory these operations are conducted. So they put out a draft resolution to the side, frozen. We, naturally, did not insist. What are we going to break into the closed door? But we were convinced that this resolution will be in demand. It happened, unfortunately”, – noted the Minister.

“Unfortunately, we again observed a willingness to unite on an anti-terror platform only after another of the tragedies. I hope that no more will we have to wait for new troubles, – God forbid that happen again, although nothing can be guaranteed – and yet we act on the lead, because the terrorists are not arguing, they perfectly agree. “Dzhebhat EN-Nusra” – ISIS. I am sure that they and other branches of al-Qaeda to negotiate. According to our data, that they have established”, – said Lavrov.

“Sensible politicians now leave aside the minor things”

The decision of Russia and France on coordination in Syria suggests that sensible politicians understand the need to put aside minor things and concentrate on counter-terrorist group, stressed the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

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Putin instructed the command of the cruiser “Moscow” to engage with the French Navy

“I think that the call by President Hollande to President Putin after the terrible terrorist attacks in Paris, his proposal to coordinate our efforts and the President, which expressed the readiness to do so on an allied basis, – all this suggests that sensible policy now leave aside minor things and understand the need to focus on the main priority for curbing the pretensions of the ISIS to win positions on the vast territory of the globe,” said the Minister.

The Russian delegation do not feel isolation, visiting an international event, Lavrov said. He noted that from the West some formats were really frozen. “Council Russia-the NATO is frozen, the sectoral dialogues with the European Union, frozen, in some cases, the work of the intergovernmental commissions on trade and economic cooperation, – said the Minister. But this process has already returned to normalcy, the work in these mechanisms is restored”.

Lavrov stressed that “the everyday communication has never stopped”. “No isolation no, my delegation did not feel in any event, wherever we came with the President’s visit, at the Ministerial level, at the level of heads of other departments, – he said. – The Russian delegation on any forum is the center of attention, we consult, we address a request to hold a particular initiative within the agenda of the meeting”. “So I am sure that these attempts (to isolate Russia – ed.) were originally doomed to failure, now everyone knows that funny just keep talking about it”, he said.

Right of self-defence

Any state has the right to apply article 51 of the UN Charter if its citizens are attacked, the Minister said. “You cannot even consider this a terrorist attack (on Board A321 – approx.) in isolation, he said. – This attack is a crime in such a terrible series of shares that the terrorists carried out and in Lebanon and in Egypt, and in Paris and in Ankara, and Baghdad and other Arab cities. This is, without any doubt, a real threat to international peace and security”.

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Putin: Russia will find terrorists anywhere in the world and will punish

According to the head of the Russian foreign Ministry, in such situations, “States are obliged to apply the right of self-defence, which is stipulated in the UN Charter”. “And in this situation, I am convinced, is absolutely necessary to adopt a Security Council resolution that asserts the need to act under Chapter 7 and do everything to suppress the Islamic state, just as we did in regard to the attacks of September 11, 2001”, – said Lavrov.

“Islamic state”

Prohibited in the Russian Federation terrorist group “Islamic state” established “guys”, whom the US held in prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan, and then released, said the head of the Russian foreign Ministry.

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Putin instructed to strengthen the Russian air force strikes in Syria

“The period when our Western colleagues and some of their friends in the region constantly went from the political process (in Syria), was associated with a large number of terrorists and extremists, foreign fighters, to accomplish the task of overthrowing the regime (of Bashar Assad), – said Lavrov. – At some point, it seems that those who encouraged it, lost control of the situation, and terrorist instincts of foreign fighters prevailed. They realized that they have a brilliant chance to implement the idea that hatched created in the middle of the last decade, the so-called “Islamic state”. Realize guys that the Americans held in prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan, and then released”.

“The process is out of control by foreign powers, turned into a self-developing movement: captured huge territory, including the territory on which are located historical monuments of world cultural heritage. These monuments, artifacts actively traded, they are subjected to destruction,” – said the Minister. In addition, he said, “captured the oil fields, the oil trade on an industrial scale”. “Now, probably, all is already realized, and for a long time, the threat is like a Genie out of the bottle, only returning her to push”, he added.

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Lavrov: the West has realized the futility of ultimatum about quitting al-Assad

For the “Islamic state”does not matter what position any country takes on the question of the fate of Syria’s President Bashar Assad, said the Minister. He noticed that the HQs of the Russian Federation carried out an operation in Syria “the invitation and the request of Assad”, while the U.S.-led coalition “is acting in Syria without the invitation of the legitimate government and without a mandate from the UN security Council”.

“Despite the fact that in Syria the Americans and their NATO partners and other coalition members are acting without international legal base, we said that in the interests of combating terrorism we are ready our efforts to coordinate, and suggested that a sufficiently deep level of interaction, – Lavrov reminded. American side took only the agreement that is necessary to avoid incidents in the air between our air force and American aviation, and deep coordination refused”.

According to him, Americans have until recently stated that “only the question of exactly when, exactly and for sure Assad leaves his post, will help establish coordination in the fight against IG”. “Assad called the magnet that attracts all terrorists. If this logic is followed, it turns out that not only Assad is a magnet for ISIL. For LIH magnets and steel Lebanon, Turkey, France, and Egypt, – said the Minister. But if we remember that France and Turkey have most rigidly insisted on the immediate departure of Bashar al-Assad, the logic “remove Assad, ISIS and the rest” disappears”.

“ISIL is trying to achieve its goal of creating a so-called Caliphate – without any connection to what is happening in Syria and without any connection to who and how refers to Bashar al-Assad” – said Lavrov.

About effectiveness of the coalition the U.S.

The work of the US coalition against ISIS does not fully meet the stated objectives, also said Lavrov.

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As the aircraft of the Russian Federation helps to fight with terrorists in Syria

“About a year ago, the Americans formed a coalition to fight against ISIS, created it agreed with Iraq, but not even trying will negotiate with Syria. So the operation is stored ambiguity: the fight against ISIS, which seized a significant part of the space and of Iraq and Syria, carried out on two different bases. One the basis of international law: everything observed is in relation to the attacks on Iraq. On the territory of Syria strikes are illegitimate”, – he explained.

“Nevertheless, we are convinced that need to cooperate. Watching a year and a half, the coalition works, we evaluated this work as not quite corresponding to the stated objectives – to prevent the spread of the “Islamic state”. Its territory was increased, – the Minister noted. – Yes, in Iraq there have been some successes, in some parts of the country IG and his combat units were stopped, but on the whole the territory of the so-called Caliphate declared in the territory of Iraq and Syria, has increased”.

Forms of interaction with the Western coalition that would have made Damascus, to find possible, said the Minister.

“Islamic state” and “dzhebhat EN-Nusra” and their accomplices were already standing on the threshold of Damascus and other cities, and then President Bashar al-Assad came to us with a formal request. We immediately responded positively and are now working in Syria on a legitimate basis. Ready for practical cooperation with the countries that are part of the coalition. Willing to work with them such forms our coordination, which, of course, would respect the Syrian sovereignty and the prerogatives of the Syrian government,” – said the Minister. “I am convinced that with a pragmatic approach such forms can be found,” said he.

Blows VKS RF

Operation HQs of the Russian Federation in Syria against militants of the banned in Russia terrorist organizations “Islamic state” and “dzhebhat EN-Nusra” started on 30 September, at the request of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. To participate in the land operation of the Russian Federation does not plan.


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