Medvedev gave a final press conference after the APEC summit

Medvedev gave a final press conference after the APEC summit

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev spoke about the restructuring of the debt of Ukraine to Russia, on supporting carriers on a TRANS-Pacific partnership and its possible involvement in the elections in 2016.

MOSCOW, 19 Nov. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at the final press-conference after the APEC summit in Manila said that the issue of restructuring the debt of Kiev to Moscow should be solved in the next three weeks, did not rule out the possibility of closing the new routes and expressed hope for the creation of a broad anti-terrorist coalition.

The Russian head of government also informed that the Russian Cabinet, in all likelihood, have to make decisions on support carriers.

The fight against terrorism

The fight against terrorism was not included in the agenda of the summit, however, were mentioned in the course of the events and bilateral meetings. According to Mr Putin, he discussed it with colleagues in personal conversations, and they all wanted to get more information about what happened, and what will be the reaction of the Russian Federation.

Medvedev calculates that the position of Russia’s partners in the fight against terrorism will change and that will be able to form a broad anti-terrorist coalition.

“Surprising to me, as it is now possible to sacrifice such complex issues — as a matter of fact, the interests of all mankind. Because we are talking about the war against terror, the war declared to the civilized world. And in this situation you need to agree, rather than trying to consider who benefits from it, whether to do with the Russians or it cannot be done, because the Russians misbehave and so on,” Medvedev said to journalists on Thursday.

“These arguments seem to me immature and undignified. But I hope that in connection with what is happening, the position of our partners will change and contribute to the formation of a broad antiterrorist coalition, which brings together countries that are interested in the eradication of terrorism in the middle East and the destruction of the “Islamic state” as a phenomenon”, — said the head of the Russian government.

The Debt Of Ukraine

The issue of restructuring the debt of Ukraine to Russia for $ 3 billion must be resolved in the next three weeks, and Moscow needs to obtain third-party assurance of repayment of the debt by Kiev with the new limits, Medvedev said.

He recalled that Russia sent to the IMF proposals on debt restructuring of Ukraine, maturing on 20 December of the current year. Russia has offered payment by installments for three years: they must be in equal shares by $ 1 billion per year starting in 2016.

Guarantee, according to him, in this case, it may be the software which will provide creditworthy state: the USA, the EU or individual EU member States, or the software that may be provided or other first-class European Bank, which is accepted as such.

“If no decision is made on this loan, respectively, we proceed from the fact that Ukraine as a state will be in default of payment or, to use foreign terms in default,” — said Prime Minister.

However, he stressed that Russia conducts negotiations on the debt of Kiev, regardless of the political situation, and this process is not related to the sanctions.

“We have a really active have always been with Ukraine, so we are trying to negotiate with them and the issue of the loan, which is actually once the Ukrainian government really wanted to get. Sanctions for us — a thing that is absolutely not connected with this loan. Let them define how they act, we have no conditions on this subject is not expressed,” — said Medvedev.

To support airlines

Medvedev stated that air carriers in Russia are now experiencing not the best times. The reason — the closure of one of the leaders in the market of the company “Transaero” and the attack on Board the A321, which led to the tightening of requirements for flights.

“You’re right, at the moment of carriage going through hard times and because of (application to start the process — ed.) of bankruptcy, “Transaero”, and because of the problems associated with terrorism. We looked at the meeting that I had, the support of the air carriers. In all likelihood, we’ll have some decisions to make”, — Medvedev said to journalists.

Such situations, according to the Prime Minister, require decisions on the part of the government’s support of the aviation market, and they, apparently, will be.

He noted that when you stop using the “Transaero” the majority of the routes was transferred to “Aeroflot”, but that doesn’t mean that other companies can’t participate. “All these negotiations are conducted. If you need some way to support this market, I think these are the questions we will consider”, — said Medvedev.

According to the Chairman of the government, it is necessary that the air transport markets of Russia had several alternative companies that could carry out the transport in different directions.

Restrictions and alternatives

The attack on Board the Russian aircraft A321 made significant changes to the scope of aviation security, causing the flight to Egypt and back is prohibited. A number of experts speaks about the closure of some other popular destinations. However, as has told to journalists, Medvedev, without obvious reasons the routes of international air travel should not be closed.

“I cannot exclude that in some situations we are able to consider this issue, I mean the issue in relation to other areas and other countries. But until it does, and it is hoped that this will not happen,” he added.

The Prime Minister noted that in international practice it is quite often the case when States do not recommend their citizens to visit other States. “Doing it all for security reasons. In each case it must be base, and this decision will be taken at the appropriate level. After this decision enters into force, and if a citizen visits a state, it is his own risk. Because to deny, of course, we can’t,” said the Prime Minister.

However, APEC countries, in particular Vietnam and Thailand, is ready to accept Russian tourists after the suspension of flights to Egypt. Medvedev confirmed that these issues were discussed at the summit in Manila.

However, the partners in the Asia-Pacific region, told reporters the Prime Minister expressed readiness to take active measures to improve the safety of Russian tourists.

CCI and the WTO rules

Speaking about the TRANS-Pacific partnership (TPP), Medvedev said that Russia and several other countries hinted that they would like to see their members, but no official invitations he had seen.

“We also hinted that us and some other countries would like to see the inside of this partnership. But I, frankly, any documents on this subject had not received. The official invitations haven’t seen”, — Medvedev said to journalists at a press conference on results of work of the APEC summit.

According to him, Russia quietly refers to the creation of the CCI and sees the potential in view of the high degree of integration of the economies. However, he stressed that no group should be consistent with WTO rules.

“All the agreements drafted, debated, concluded, shall not break into the General trade rules. Because we all, for example, are inside of the world trade organization, in this sense, everything that is discussed must comply with the WTO rules,” he said.

Association offices

The Prime Minister has informed that now being widely discussed topics related to control agencies, including the issues of their Association. However, he stressed that this should be done in a meaningful way, and noted that no decisions had yet been made.

“Similar projects exist, they are discussed, no decisions yet,” — said the Prime Minister.

He assured that the Association of economic development and Finance of the question, since “the state must be two economic of an eye”. Only such an approach, however, allows you to have a multipolarity of opinions, otherwise there will be only one point of view.

Participation in wyobra-2016

Medvedev did not rule out its participation in parliamentary elections as the Chairman of the party “United Russia”.

“I do not exclude that it will happen,” Medvedev replied to the question, whether he will head the EP list for the next Duma elections. “Just because I am the Chairman of the party and, of course, for me care how the party will act on elections to the State Duma”, — he explained.

According to the Prime Minister, “United Russia” in previous elections in 2011, “we were quite good, which allowed the party to gain a controlling stake in the State Duma and carry out the decisions that we, as members of the “United Russia”, we consider it necessary for our country”.

“There are chances to perform better? Well, I guess it is, if you can explain to people why they should vote for “United Russia”, why they need to support the party that is already in power. If we can do it, you will get a good result,” he said.