Russian MFA: UN security Council resolution on the fight against terrorism may take 19 or 20 November

Russian MFA: UN security Council resolution on the fight against terrorism may take 19 or 20 November

MOSCOW, November 19. Moscow expects the UN security Council resolution on combating terrorism adopted on 19 or 20 November. This was stated by Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia on counter-terrorism Oleg Syromolotov, speaking at a meeting of the club of friends of the Gorchakov Fund.

“The President of Russia on 28 September the UN announced a new initiative harmonization of UN security Council resolution in favor of the coordination of all forces that oppose the “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in the Russian Federation terrorist group) and other terrorist entities, said Syromolotov. – It is essential that such coordination would rely on the decisions of the UN security Council and would be undertaken in accordance with the UN Charter”.

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The Deputy Minister reminded that the U.S. created the coalition is illegitimate, any resolution of the security Council was not. “In order to create a coalition that would act in the international legal field, the necessary relevant resolution of the UN security Council, he stressed. – It is necessary to combine the efforts of those who are able to make a real contribution to the fight against terrorists – the armed forces of Iraq and Syria, the Kurdish militias, the armed units of the Syrian Patriotic opposition – all those who oppose ISIS on the ground, and also to involve external players, or otherwise support anti-terrorist actions in the region”.

“On 30 September Minister for foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov has presented to the UNSC members a draft resolution based on previously adopted documents of the Council and emphasising the need for strict observance of the norms and principles of international law in building coherent counter-terrorism action, said Syromolotov. – Can you imagine: September 30, introduced the resolution, which should unite the efforts on the antiterrorist track, and she’s still not adopted”.

“Today or tomorrow the resolution should be adopted, he said. – Because of recent events so require”.