Ryabkov: the West has become more receptive to arguments in favor of the common struggle against terrorism

Ryabkov: the West has become more receptive to arguments in favor of the common struggle against terrorism

MOSCOW, November 19. Western countries have become more receptive to the arguments of the Russian Federation about the need for a broad front to combat terrorism in the Wake of the recent terrorist attacks, said Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Ryabkov.

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The Russian Federation submitted to the UN security Council renewed the draft resolution on the fight against terrorism

“We note in recent days – after the tragic events in Paris after the Russian side came as it was stated at the meeting with the President of the Russian Federation, the decision on the terrorist nature of the event over the Sinai Peninsula, that there is a great willingness in the West, the US and the EU, perceive the arguments that are constantly broadcast at different levels on our side in favor of building a broad anti – terrorist front,” he said.

The diplomat said that the situation facing France after the terrorist attacks in Paris, may be interpreted differently from the point of view of the right to self-defence.

“The President of France, as I understand it, has announced that it sees its mission in forming this coalition, – he told, answering a question whether it was aware of the objectives of the plan of French President Francois Hollande to visit Moscow and Washington. – We have long and consistently advocated the view that a truly anti-terrorist coalition that should lead the struggle to destroy banned in Russia grouping “Islamic state” should be based on strict respect for the principles of international law”.

“The situation faced by France following the terrorist attacks in Paris, from a legal point of view can be interpreted in different ways: there is article 51 of the UN Charter on the law of self-defence, there are other interpretations of this situation – continued Ryabkov. – I have no reason to improvise in terms of how the French would approach this situation yourself.”

A series of terrorist attacks in France

A series of terrorist attacks occurred on the night of 14 November in Paris. In the concert hall Bataclan, the unknown took hostages. Attacks also were made on the Boulevard, Sharon, Boulevard Voltaire, on the Rue Fontaine-AU-ROI and on the street Alibert. In the capital’s suburb of Saint-Denis at the Stade de France, which hosted the football match between France and Germany, bombings.

Attacks made seven terrorists, six of whom blew himself up with belts of explosives. Another was killed by police.

According to the latest data, as a result of attacks of terrorists killed 129 people, and about 350 were injured.

In connection with the incident, President Francois Hollande announced the introduction in the country of state of emergency and the introduction of intensified control of crossing the state borders. He later stated that the responsibility for the attack bears the terrorist group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia).

Hollande also called on the citizens to unite at this difficult time. “We must show solidarity and unity. France needs to be strong,” – said the head of state.

The international counter-terrorism

According to Ryabkov, Russia is waiting for the growth of efficiency of anti-terrorist struggle on the background of the terrorist attacks in France.

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The General staff of the armed forces organizes the cooperation with the French Navy to combat terrorism in Syria

“Practical cooperation, including in the coordination of efforts by the military departments, and in the Eastern Mediterranean pushed the French aviation group, was formed in these days, he said. – From the point of view of efficiency in the war on terror, I think we will get soon a significant increase”.

On the question of whether it is possible to compare the cooperation of the world States in the fight against “Islamic state” with the anti-Hitler coalition, Ryabkov said that “the term is also appropriate.” “Of course, would like to see that coalition was as effective as the anti-Hitler coalition in the 40-ies of the last century,” the diplomat added.

On cooperation with the United States

Ryabkov also noted that cooperation with the U.S. investigation into the death of Russian aircraft over the Sinai in the intelligence and investigative agencies.

“The cooperation is conducted under the special services and investigative agencies, he said. – Not ready to comment on specifics, because all over the world such cooperation is not discussed publicly, because then it loses meaning.”

The terrorist attack in Egypt

Aircraft A321 “Kogalymavia” crashed on October 31. Onboard there were 217 passengers and seven crew members, they all died.

On 17 November, the head of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov at a meeting with the President of the Russian Federation reported that the cause of the crash of the Russian aircraft over the Sinai has become a terrorist attack using an improvised explosive device with power up to 1 kg in a trotyl equivalent.

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