Shoigu: Russia’s defense Ministry has begun cooperation with the armed forces of France

Shoigu: Russia’s defense Ministry has begun cooperation with the armed forces of France

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Putin called on Russian soldiers not to reduce the high level of the operation in Syria

MOSCOW, November 20. The defense Ministry has started cooperation with the armed forces of France on the orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin. This is the Minister of defence of the Russian Federation Sergey Shoigu reported to the head of the Russian state.

“In accordance with Your instructions, proceeded to the organization of interaction with the armed forces of France,” – said Shoigu. He stressed that all the tasks solved. “The armed forces have moved to the next phase of the operation,” he said.

The seventeenth of November the Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the Russian military to establish direct contact with French colleagues and work with them “as allies”, and to develop a plan of joint fight against terrorists in Syria. This order was preceded by telephone to the Russian President with the leader of France Francois Hollande, during which the parties agreed to coordinate military and intelligence agencies against terrorists.

On November 26 the presidents of Russia and France will meet in Moscow to coordinate action in the fight against terrorism. Before his visit to Russia .

The talks between the chiefs of General Staffs of Russia and France

Yesterday, November 19, the chief of the Russian General staff Valery Gerasimov informed his French colleague Pierre de Wille on the operations of the aerospace forces (VKS) of the Russian Federation against terrorists in Syria.

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Military leaders discussed by telephone the coordination of actions of the armed forces of the Russian Federation and France on Syria and carry out instructions of the leaders of the two countries on joint efforts in the fight against terrorism.

“The terrorist attacks in Paris and aboard the Russian passenger airliner is beasts of the same chain, – said Gerasimov. – Our grief and our anger should help to unite the efforts of Russia and France in the fight against international terrorism.”

Disaster in Egypt

The A321 aircraft to the Russian airline “Kogalymavia” carrying out flight Sharm El-Sheikh to St Petersburg, crashed on 31 October, after about half an hour after departure. The wreckage was found about 100 km to the South from the administrative centre of province Northern Sinai city of El Arish, near the settlement of El Hasna. In total the plane was 217 passengers and seven crew members, none survived. Most of the dead were Russians. On Board were also four Ukrainian citizens and one Belarusian.

On 17 November, the head of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the collapse of the A321 was the result of a terrorist act. According to Bortnikov, the wreckage of things and traces of explosives foreign production. “Our professionals, on Board an aircraft in flight explosive device with power up to 1 kg in a trotyl equivalent, therefore there was “shredded” aircraft in the air, what explains the variation parts of the fuselage of the aircraft at a great distance,” informed the head of the FSB.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin promised that those responsible and involved in the attack with the A321 aircraft in Egypt will be found and punished. The head of state has ordered to reinforce the strikes of Russian aviation in Syria “so that perpetrators understand that retribution is inevitable”.

The investigation of the crash of the Russian plane in Egypt. Chronicle of events

Aviation terrorist attacks. Dossier

The terrorist attacks in France

On 13 November in Paris and the Metropolitan suburb of Saint-Denis at the Stade de France has been committed a series of terrorist attacks. The number of victims of terrorist attacks on Friday rose to 130.

French President Francois Hollande announced the introduction in the country of state of emergency and intensified monitoring of the crossing of the state border.

About the operation HQs in Syria

Russian aircraft began to strike at terrorists in Syria on 30 September, acting at the request of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The structure of the group Hamim at the airbase in Latakia province was included more than 50 aircraft and helicopters. Earlier this week Russia began to apply massive strikes on militants on Syrian territory. It was reported that for surgery are supplemented by the 25 Long range aircraft and 12 su-27CM and su-34.

To participate in a ground operation, Russia does not intend. “Talk of a ground operation didn’t go out and continue”, – told reporters the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov.