Spring: deputies propose to assign to grave crimes of terrorist orientation

Spring: deputies propose to assign to grave crimes of terrorist orientation

MOSCOW, November 20. State Duma deputies have prepared and will send to the security Council of the Russian Federation a package of bills on counter-terrorism, providing for including the attribution of all terrorist crimes categorized as “serious”. This was reported on Friday to journalists by the head of the Duma Committee for security and combating corruption Irina Yarovaya (“United Russia”).

“At present already formed the anti-terrorism package, which not only proposes to raise the level of responsibility, but also to include new types of liability, in particular, recruitment and abetting,” said she.

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Moreover, Yarovaya said, “we offer to be classified as “serious” all crimes of a terrorist orientation”.

The MP also noted that there are both new stock, “subject to the changing forms of this dangerous and destructive phenomenon.” “We believe that public calls for the implementation of international terrorism must confess “a crime against the peace and security of mankind” and to carry increased sanctions, said the head of the profile Committee of the state Duma.

In addition, legislation is proposed to establish “additional measures to protect the life and health of citizens, responding to the threat of crime, mechanisms to suppress the financing of terrorist activities and more,” said Yarovaya.

“Given the specificity and importance of the project, it will be passed today in the security Council of the Russian Federation”, – she informed, noting that “I would not like to disclose in full the content of the proposals”.

“The package is prepared and a large system”, – concluded the Deputy. However, she noticed that the work of the Committee over the analysis of terrorist and anti-extremist legislation was carried out from September 2015 and is not connected with the crash of the Russian airliner over the Sinai Peninsula and the terrorist attacks in Paris.