The Ministry of transport has proposed to temporarily exempt the trucks from fines

The Ministry of transport has proposed to temporarily exempt the trucks from fines

Moscow. November 20. The transport Ministry jointly with the state Duma deputies have drafted the amendments to the administrative code on collection of fines from drivers and owners of vehicles with a permissible maximum mass exceeding 12 tonnes.

The amendments temporarily free drivers of heavy vehicles from fines for violation of the payment for the fare. MPs also proposed to be reduced to 50 thousand rubles the amount of the fine for non-payment of fare, and for repeated violation will be fined on 100 thousand roubles.

“Before the adoption of these amendments, the fines from drivers of the Russian TC for such violations will not be levied”, – notes the Ministry of transport.

From November 15 in Russia earned a system of charging (MRAs) with trucks with a permissible maximum weight of 12 tonnes on account of compensation of damage when driving on Federal roads. The rate for driving trucks up to February 29, 2016 was set at the level of 1.53 rubles per kilometer of distance traveled. From 1 March 2016 until 31 December 2018 it will amount to 3.06 rubles.

Initially it was assumed that the penalties for non-payment of travel for individual entrepreneurs will be established at the level of 40 thousand rubles for the first violation and 50 thousand rubles for repeated breach. For legal entities the fines was set at 450 thousand roubles and 1 million roubles respectively. Drivers themselves were supposed to be fined on 5 thousand roubles.

In the state Duma were previously considered the introduction of a flat scale of penalties at the level of 150 thousand rubles. The carriers pointed to excessive fines. The system operator LLC “RT-invest the Transport system” stated that fine from November 15 to be scheduled only on the territory of Moscow and Kaluga regions, where installed the first 20 of 481 of the system “Platon”.

The system involves the use for calculation of payment of on-Board devices as well as route maps. However, the carriers pointed to the impossibility of getting on-Board devices, as well as malfunctions of the website “Plato” and the inability to design flowcharts.

The system implementation was accompanied by protests of truckers in various regions.

Meanwhile, transport Minister Maxim Sokolov has declared yesterday that considers the introduction of fees for heavy vehicles justied. “Whoever harms way, he needs to compensate for it,” said the Minister, responding to a request of journalists to comment on the protest, which the drivers carried out throughout the country in connection with the introduction of such fees.

Sokolov cited the example of Belarus, where Federal highways are paid for heavy vehicles. He repeated the plan of the government: it is assumed that the collected funds will be accumulated in the Federal and regional road funds will be spent on the development of grid roads and engineers who will ensure trouble-free operation.

Representatives of the retail sector has been warned previously that the introduction of charging from the truck will result in rising prices, including for essential goods, and the consequent acceleration of inflation. In addition, market participants expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the developers of “Plato” almost not conducted testing of the system.

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