The state Duma and the Federation Council supported the development of international counter-terrorism cooperation

The state Duma and the Federation Council supported the development of international counter-terrorism cooperation

MOSCOW, November 20. The state Duma and the Federation Council at the General meeting adopted the document, which called for tougher criminal responsibility for terrorist crimes and international cooperation in the fight against terrorism.

The call of civilization

“Terrorism has once again declared war on the world. The challenge of civilization, our society, rights and freedoms, including the fundamental right guaranteed by article 20 of the Russian Constitution – the right to life”, – stated in the document.

Parliamentarians noted that “the inhuman nature of terrorism; its victims are defenseless ordinary people, living a peaceful life”. “The terrorists do not spare neither women nor children. They are counting on fear and panic, the split in society, the weakness of the national spirit and institutions of the state,” the authors state, noting that the world has to deal “with the evil with which we cannot agree and that it was unacceptable to appease”.

Therefore, they stress, like Nazism, terrorism, which is called the “plague of the XXI century”, “must be destroyed, destroyed at the root, and its inspirers and organizers condemned the harsh judgment of mankind.” “We have to do everything, so that terrorism had no chance”, – stated in the document.

To combine efforts

Deputies and senators are reminiscent of the latest initiatives of Russia in the fight against terrorism, including about the appeal of Russian President Vladimir Putin from the rostrum of the UN General Assembly “to create a truly broad international coalition against terrorism”, adopted this week, the appeal of the Federation Council and the statement of the state Duma.

The joint meeting also expressed the need “to establish a wide international cooperation with all States without exception, as well as with organizations and structures that Express a readiness for such cooperation”. To that end, they promised to provide “maximum support to the President of the Russian Federation Federal Assembly at the legislative level, as well as means of parliamentary diplomacy”.

In addition, the aim is “to initiate appropriate solutions to international parliamentary organisations, to facilitate the formation of effective international institutions for prevention and suppression of the activity of international terrorist structures at the absolute Central role of the UN and its Global counter-terrorism strategy in this process.”

Another objective is referred to as the harmonization of international law and national legislation in the sphere of prevention and suppression of terrorism. “Terrorism should be declared a crime without Statute of limitation and strictly prosecuted in all States of the world”, – the document says.

Against terrorists and their supporters

Speaking about opposing terrorism “healthy forces”, the parliamentarians particularly focus on the issue of furtherance of terrorism, because, in their view, “terrorism is not only the detachments of rebels and fanatics-suicide bombers, but their strong economic base, an extensive network of informers, propagandists and recruiters, the most modern technologies”.

They believe it is necessary “to promote international cooperation and exchange of information to prevent terrorist acts, the prosecution of terrorists and the application of joint measures against those providing support to terrorists”. “The supply of weapons to terrorist groups, they buy raw materials and cultural values is an accessory to the crimes that must be punished by not less strongly, than the actions of the militants”, – assured the representatives of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

In their opinion, all who oppose terrorism, “should be stronger and more effective in everything – military, law enforcement, political, economic, humanitarian and other spheres”. Because “modern international terrorism cannot and should not be associated with any religion, nationality or ethnic group”, it is time to “set aside the issues that are causing a schism in the ranks of the defenders of humanity and human civilization itself, to show an example of national unity and solidarity in the response to General call.”

A legislative solution

Deputies and senators proposed and a set of legislative measures aimed at combating terrorism.

Among them, toughening of criminal responsibility for terrorism or acquiescence to it, “including recruitment, propaganda, propaganda methods and practices of terrorism, as well as financing and any other support to terrorist groups”. In addition, stated the need to “strengthen measures to ensure the safety of civilians during mass events, transport and other public places, considering it an absolute priority in the development of relevant regulations”.

Another proposal is for the improvement of the legislation of the Russian Federation and norms of international law “in the field of migration policy to curb all forms of promotion of terrorism and international crime”.

Also, the document stated the need to undertake – jointly with regional authorities, civil society institutions, traditional religious faiths, mass media – “the necessary measures for prevention of religious, ethnic and other forms of extremism, eliminate its socio – economic and ideological roots”. “Society needs a sustainable immunity from terrorist and contagion of ideas aimed at inciting national or religious hatred, undermining public order, then all attempts of extremists will be doomed to failure”, according to MPs.

Unity – the key to success

The meeting participants supported the decisive action taken by the President of Russia “to counter the terrorist threat in Russia and abroad, including military operation of the Russian Federation in the Syrian Arab Republic” and pointed to the legality and validity of the proposal of the Supreme commander “to invoke article 51 of the UN Charter, entitling the state to self-defence”.

They also praised the “selfless work of law enforcement bodies and special services, the results of which have helped to prevent terrorist attacks”.

“There is no doubt that many of them did not take place due to the activities of Russian citizens”, – parliamentarians, expressing faith “in the power of civil society, the fortress of the national spirit and historical ability to win”.

“Our unity – the key to national success in the fight against this scourge. Together, we will win it as we, our fathers and grandfathers!”, concludes the document.

State Duma deputies and Federation Council members at a joint meeting on Friday to consider the fight against terrorism; participation in the event, which takes place in the hall of columns, are also representatives of the regional legislatures, the traditional confessions, public organizations. The final decision of the meeting was prepared by a special working group headed by the Chairman of the Duma Committee on constitutional legislation and state construction Vladimir Mr Pligin.

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