Ulyukayev: Russia did not take new decisions on predamage for Kiev

Ulyukayev: Russia did not take new decisions on predamage for Kiev

The decision to impose a food embargo against Ukraine will automatically become effective if, before January 1 will not be able to reach an agreement at the tripartite negotiations on Association of Kiev and the EU, said Alexei Ulyukayev.

MANILA, 19 Nov. The government has not taken a final decision on the introduction of a food embargo against Ukraine from 1 January 2016, the measure, as expected, will start to operate in the absence of agreement on Association with Ukraine and the European Union, told journalists the Minister of economic development of Russia Alexey Ulyukayev.

“No, of course, no final decision. This decision was adopted as pending (September 2014 ed.). Both solutions — and the possibility of the introduction of most favored nation treatment, and food embargo — they adopted the deferred period,” the speaker answered the question definitively whether the decision of the authorities of the Russian Federation on the introduction in Ukraine of bradenburg from 1 January 2016.

He added that if, before January 1 of the Association of Ukraine with EU will not decisions, then these decisions will automatically take effect. “But no additional solutions no,” the Minister added.

A ban on the import into Russia of Ukrainian food, and as normal trade (now the considerable part of goods shipped from Ukraine to Russia duty-free), will come into force in the case of the Kyiv economic part of the Association agreement with the EU or January 1, 2016, if trilateral negotiations with participation of the Russian Federation will not remove Russia’s concerns in connection with the establishment of a free trade area (FTA) between Ukraine and the EU. The next round of these negotiations at the Ministerial level scheduled for December 1.

The Russian authorities earlier repeatedly declared that the chances of reaching agreement on the FTA between Ukraine and the EU until January 1, virtually no.