Putin proposed to introduce a tax deduction for the business during the transition to the new TCC

Moscow. November 20. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has suggested that the possibility of tax deduction for organizations and individual entrepreneurs, which will transfer the control and cash equipment (KKT) with data transmission function on online payments to the tax authorities.

During the meeting with the head of Federal tax service (FTS) Mikhail Mishustin on Friday, the President reminded that in the four subjects of the Russian Federation carried out the experiment on transition to new system of cash registers that were in the system to transmit information to the tax authorities.

“In this connection, you need to take a few steps further, namely that the business did not lose any funds related to the purchase of new cash registers – and it is not that other, as, most likely, simple gadgets or some chips into existing cash registers, – so that the business is not carrying the additional load, you need to make a decision on so-called tax deduction for those businesses that will move to this form of work”, – Putin said.

According to mishustina, the experiment took place in Moscow, the Moscow region, Tatarstan and the Kaluga region. “It was established over three thousand relevant new innovative cash registers, which online passed on the information to the IRS about the turnover of the company checks that the company gives to the consumers are our citizens,” he said. This work is established and ongoing, said the head of the Federal tax service. “The government – Igor Shuvalov engaged – decided to continue to work in this experiment to those costs that the business went, when he began to introduce innovative cash registers, not lost, and so we continued,” – said Mishustin.