Rogozin: all NATO countries may attempt to ensure the military presence in the Arctic

Rogozin: all NATO countries may attempt to ensure the military presence in the Arctic

MOSCOW, November 20. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin does not exclude that sooner or later the allies will try to secure its military presence in the Arctic. He said this at a joint meeting of the Presidium of the Council on the Arctic and Antarctic under the Federation Council and the state Commission on development of the Arctic.

“The Arctic will become a region where converge the sword – I hope that only political and diplomatic sword – all States. Because the Arctic is the richest region, he explained. I got 80% of our hydrocarbon fields”.

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Rogozin: development of the Arctic not relegated due to the economic situation

Rogozin recalled that in 2010, NATO has been sharp debate about the Arctic. “Then NATO very actively raised the issue of climate change that now, they say, the ice all melts, the Arctic region will start shipping – and that they were used as verbal of reception to justify its military presence in the Arctic, – said Rogozin. Presence, and not the Arctic Nations, and all of the Alliance, including southern Europe and other States. Of course, it caused not only us, but the other Arctic States rejection. This topic was locked, but I think that for a while.”

“The Arctic is still terra incognita for us. And needs to be investigated and in a good way colonized us, colonized us in a civilized way”, – stressed the Vice Premier.

Base of the Russian Federation in the Arctic need to protect economic projects

Rogozin said that the military base of Russia in the Arctic is not aimed at the militarization of the region, they need to protect economic projects.

“The formation of us military bases, airfields in the macro-region (the Arctic) is not aimed at the militarization of the region, such objectives have not. One goal – the creation of conditions for economic development and the protection and maintenance of existing infrastructure projects, and promising,” – said Deputy Prime Minister.

Rogozin has noticed that in this activity, the Federation cooperates with its partners.

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Rogozin said the need to solve the problem of informpolitiki interests of Russia in the Arctic

“Today, many from foreign countries, we listen to the criticisms about the militarization of the Russian Arctic. This is nothing more than propaganda”, – stated the Vice-Premier. “If we come economically in the Arctic and conducted there, such global projects as the work on the Arctic shelf, development of the Northern sea route, it is obvious that the economy requires security,” he said.

Rogozin assured that the tasks that need to be addressed through joint efforts of different countries “in the Arctic will be enough for everyone”. “Therefore, let not worried,” – he concluded.

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