The Federal tax service will create a service for e-registration of cash registers

Moscow. November 20. Organizations and individual entrepreneurs will be able to register and withdraw from registration of control and cash equipment (KKT) without visiting the tax Inspectorate through a special e-service on the website of the Federal tax service, reported in a press-Department service.

Now the taxpayers for use of the CCP are obliged to conclude the contract on technical support with a specialized center and visit the tax office for the registration of TCC with the tax authority, then to come to the inspection with re-CCP and when removing it from the Desk.

“A new procedure for the application of the CCP provides for communication between the taxpayer and the tax authority electronically, without a physical visit of inspection. All procedures for registration, re-registration and withdrawal of the CCP from the register, can be performed in the special service Department of the CCP”, – reported in Department. In addition, taxpayers using this service will be able to interact with the tax authority on the application of TCC.

It is assumed that from 1 April 2016 will come into force new requirements for CCPS, which will need to have the function of transmitting information on the online payment to the tax authorities. Since that time, the registration and re-registration of the CCP with the tax authorities should be carried out only at presence in its composition of certified cryptographic protection of fiscal data and devices, providing data transfer from TCC to the tax authorities via the operator’s fiscal data. Since that time, organizations and private entrepreneurs may voluntarily transmit fiscal data from the CCP to the tax authorities, the obligations of such until. From 1 January 2017 it is proposed to terminate the registration and re-registration of the CCP without the transmission of information about payments online. To complete the transition to the new system of application of the CCP it is proposed from 1 July 2017, and for individual entrepreneurs applying patent system of taxation of organizations and individual entrepreneurs providing services to the population – from 1 January 2018.

As noted in FNS, getting operational information about the calculations will identify taxpayers with high risk of violations and conduct “spot” checks of such taxpayers.

In addition, it is planned to develop means of automation of civilian control, “when any buyer is simple and convenient with the help of mobile applications will be able to verify the accounting of cash receipt issued to him and submit a complaint when the existence of a breach,” said FTS.

“New technology enables real-time tracking volume and dynamics of revenue in the retail trade, broken down by various groups of taxpayers and in the case of compulsory transfer of the item of the check to monitor the prices of various categories of goods in the country”, – have noted in FTS.

Overall, the new system of application of the CCP, in the opinion of the tax authorities, will contribute to creating a competitive business environment, so as to prevent the possibility of illegal minimization of tax liabilities. Simultaneously, it will reduce the number of audits of honest taxpayers.