The Greek Parliament approved the necessary to obtain a 12 billion Euro reform

Moscow. November 20. The Greek Parliament backed further reforms necessary to highlight the country 12 billion euros in the third programme of assistance to the total volume of 86 billion euros, writes the Financial Times.

These funds are required to Athens to recapitalize troubled banks, and to transfer overdue payments to companies supplying government.

Another package of reforms was sustained after a tough debate in Parliament, which the ruling party “SYRIZA” and a member of the coalition government party “Independent Greeks” left one representative.

Thus, the representatives of the members of the government parties now have the benefit of only 2 votes in the Parliament.

Controversial was the question of the adoption of the law restricting the protection of people who find themselves unable to pay the mortgage. According to the Minister of Finance of Greece Euclides of Tsakalotos, in accordance with the new law, more than 90 percent of Greeks unable to pay their mortgages, will still be able to count on some protection, however only people with an income less than 23 thousand euros per year are guaranteed not to be deprived of property.

Approval of a new package of reforms in the Greek Parliament opens the way for the country’s 10 billion euros to recapitalize the banking sector, which will help to improve the banks ‘ balance sheets and restore financial stability.

A further 2 billion euros, which Athens hopes to receive immediately after the meeting of the working group of European lenders in the beginning of next week, will be focused on the reduction of its debt to suppliers by the government.

Earlier this week Greece and its international creditors agreed on the conditions necessary for transfer of the next tranche of aid.