Zakharova: the resumption of dialogue between Russia and NATO depends on the Alliance

Zakharova: the resumption of dialogue between Russia and NATO depends on the Alliance

MOSCOW, November 21. Question on renewal of work of Council Russia-the NATO should be addressed to the Alliance, Moscow the channels of communication are not closed. This was stated today by the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria in Zakharov interview to the leading program “Vesti on Saturday” Sergei Brilev.

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“This is a question for NATO colleagues,’ she said. – We haven’t closed any doors, we didn’t close any channel of communication.”

“So we all look and looked philosophically treated all the zigzags of our partners very carefully. Even when it was hurt from this wild injustice, knowing that this cyclicity”, – said the diplomat.

On the fight against terrorism and cooperation between countries

Alternatives cooperation between the countries of the world in the fight against terrorism, no, said Zakharova.

“I don’t think you need to be a big expert to understand that there is no alternative of collaboration and cooperation. It’s just not,” she said.

Zakharova recalled that already lost a lot of time and lives. “And what do we hear out of the mouth, including European leaders, heads of European foreign ministries, those theses that the Russian side voiced a few years ago, almost a blueprint, she continued. Unfortunately, they got it not by theoretical, and the practice of life, from the ugly reality of what is happening now”.

At the same time the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry pointed out that the fight against terrorism must be based on international law and not to destroy the Syrian statehood. “If there is a desire through the UN Security Council to promote some of his ideas, we need to reach, of course, not to the microphone and to the telephone and give appropriate instructions to his Ambassador to the UN, – she advised. – To ensure that he had begun consultations, including with Russia.”

“We never blocked, as sensible and based on international law initiatives,” concluded Zakharov.

The Russian Federation more than others interested in the settlement of crisis in Ukraine

The official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry rejected the suggestion that the background of the situation in Syria, the subject of the settlement of the crisis in Ukraine was ceded to Russia by the wayside.
“This is a very common concept now that thus come to the fore to the events in Syria and Ukraine and forget, and primarily interested in Russia.

I want to tell you that every week we specifically regardless of whether journalists make the Ukraine topic on agenda for discussion, said the diplomat in interview to the leading program “Vesti on Saturday” Sergei Brilev. – Almost every day, almost every day in session, the Contact group, which includes Russian representative”.

“We’re more interested in the fact that this theme did not remain in the conflict phase, but was resolved and moved to the settlement for many reasons,” she said. “This, of course, the proximity of the two countries, the proximity of the two Nations. This is a huge number of refugees, displaced persons, people who came from Ukraine to Russia”, – said Zakharov.

“Of course, it is a matter of implementation of the Minsk agreements, which, on the one hand, should serve as the basis for coexistence between different parts in Ukraine as a unified state. On the other hand, is the very condition, of course, far-fetched, we all know it, but these are the conditions under which Europeans continue to renew each time, to prolong the sanctions. So for us, Ukraine is a very important issue,” the diplomat said.