Matvienko: terrorism should not affect the holding of international events

MOSCOW, November 23. The Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko believes that the wave of crime associated with acts of international terrorism, should not abolish the positive agenda of international relations and previously scheduled international events.

“The heinous crimes of international terrorism in the last days clearly showed that in order to effectively confront common challenges and threats, you need to use any form of interaction at the interstate level, to coordinate and consolidate efforts to curb financial flows, in the framework of the UN to adopt severe penalties of countries supporting terrorism,” said the Senator, speaking at a meeting of the integration club of the speaker of the Federation Council. “When this wave of criminal lawlessness must not cancel a positive agenda of international relations, as well as planned the event,” she said.

Matvienko considers that the French authorities “were wise, determined not to abandon the world environmental summit in Paris”. “Many countries, including Russia, are very interested in the success of this event,” she added.