Putin suggested that gas consumers bear investment risks

Moscow. November 23. Investment risks investment in the gas industry have to carry not only gas producers, but also consumers, said the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

“The main thing – on a par with gas producers investment risks should be borne by future consumers,” he said, speaking at a summit of the Forum of gas exporting countries.

According to the Russian President, “for energy security have to pay all: the countries-exporters and the countries-buyers, which is fair and fully consistent with the spirit of market relations”.

Putin explained that the increase, according to current projections, gas needs in the near future opens up great opportunities for increasing production and export of gas, but it is a major challenge.

“Need to radically accelerate the development of new deposits, modernizing processing facilities, to expand gas transport infrastructure, build more pipelines and to establish an extensive supply routes of liquefied natural gas,” – said the Russian leader.

“Such ambitious plans require massive capital investments, the payback period which will last for decades to come, and of course, investors need a clear, solid guarantees,” he added.