Sands: the Russian Federation has not yet received information from Kiev on the restoration of Crimea’s energy supply

Sands: the Russian Federation has not yet received information from Kiev on the restoration of Crimea’s energy supply

TEHRAN, November 23. Russia has not received from the Ukrainian side the information will be restored when the power supply of the Crimea, told journalists the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov.

“We don’t have any information, relevant measures and when will be the result when the electricity is restored”, – said the representative of the Kremlin.

He stressed that “in any country there are emergency services that have the ability to urgently liquidate consequences of those or other anthropogenic or man-made emergency situations”.

Peskov added that the Russian party shall take measures, as far as possible, to compensate the region stopped the supply from the Ukrainian side.

Energy Minister Alexander Novak said that the supply of the Crimea will be restored within a few hours after completion of repairs. “Power supply of the Crimea will be resumed within a few hours after repair crews will be admitted to the rehabilitation works and complete them,” he said, adding that the Ukrainian side has enough forces and means to restore the supply.

However, a press-the Secretary “Ukrenergo” because Bucio said on air of channel “112 Ukraine” that the repair service company can not yet start work on the damaged sections of power lines, connecting Ukraine and Crimea, due to a blockade by protesters. According to him, the brigade is equipped with everything necessary and start repairs at any time.

A state of emergency

As previously reported, the Crimea was left without electricity supplies from Ukraine in the night of 22nd November. According to information from Kiev, the reason is blowing in the Ukraine transmission towers, leading to the Peninsula.

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Currently all the major cities of the Crimea is already connected to electricity, but due to the lack of own generation in the Peninsula schedules are inputted disconnect people from electricity and water supply. All social facilities are connected to backup power sources.

In Crimea believe that the organizers of the so-called energoblok Peninsula are deputies of the Verkhovna Rada Mustafa Dzhemilev and Refat Chubarov, as well as former Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea, the owner of the TV channel ATR Lenur islyamov.

Previously, they had formally announced their intention to de-energize the Crimea. Crimean authorities imposed a state of emergency.

The head of Crimea signed a decree declaring Monday, November 23, a day off due to the need to save energy.

Children may not attend school, closed some agencies. The output does not extend to officials. They all have to be in the workplace and to control the security and operation of the facilities of the town.

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