Burbulis: “Yeltsin centre” will open the University constitutionalism

Burbulis: “Yeltsin centre” will open the University constitutionalism

EKATERINBURG, November 25. People’s University of Russian constitutionalism opens the first in Russia the Presidential center of Boris Yeltsin. About this korr. spoke at the opening of the center former Secretary of state of the RSFSR and close associate of Yeltsin, Gennady Burbulis.

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“On November 27 we are opening in the structure “Yeltsin centre” the people’s University of Russian constitutionalism – “Yeltsin University.” Its purpose is to transmit the entire multi-level and complex way of Boris Yeltsin from the idea of a new Constitution before its adoption on 12 December 1993,” said Burbulis.

According to him, the University provides programs for seniors and students, veterans and people of different professions and vital interests. “The most important thing is to show the Constitution as a spiritual, moral, humanitarian product. The 1993 Constitution Yeltsin endured and now is the Bible of Russian civil society,” he said.

The University will collaborate with Museum staff and will include in its structure the people’s tribune, archive and library.

According to Burbulis, “Yeltsin centre” managed to convey the most confidential and complex in nature Yeltsin “is the combination of his will, audacity, commitment to results, desire wins with a slim, vibrating human soul.” “Moreover, I am very glad that we are not dealing with a Museum, and with special historical and cultural space in which archival, documentary evidence does not dominate, and woven into the fabric of what Yeltsin was in the family, leisure, thinking, in critical situations in the history of the world and the fate of the country”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

Gennady Burbulis was a consistent supporter of Boris Yeltsin. In the 90s he was considered one of the most influential figures of the Yeltsin team. In 1991, Burbulis was the head of election campaign of the first President of Russia, state Secretary of the RSFSR.

“Yeltsin centre” established under the Federal law “On centers of historical heritage of presidents of the Russian Federation who have stopped execution of powers”, which was adopted in 2008. The funding from the Federal budget was allocated about 5 billion roubles. The area is 22 thousand square meters, there are educational and children’s centres, gallery, meeting room, Museum, archive and library. The core of the “Yeltsin centre” is a Museum of the first President of Russia. In the archives of the Museum contains tens of thousands of documents, photographs, more than 130 video interviews, 163 are mounted mediaprograms.

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In Yekaterinburg opened “Yeltsin centre”