Naina Yeltsin: a husband would not forgive, if “Yeltsin Centre” was created as a Grand memorial

Naina Yeltsin: a husband would not forgive, if “Yeltsin Centre” was created as a Grand memorial

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In Ekaterinburg on 25 November will take place the opening of the first Russian Presidential center of Boris Yeltsin, which will be included in the list of main political events of the year. The wife of the first President of Russia Naina Yeltsin in an interview told about the birth of a new political tradition and its relation to it.

– Naina, as Boris Yeltsin himself, in your opinion, reacted to the opening of this Center?

– He definitely would not forgive us if Yeltsin Center was created as a Grand memorial. The Museum, which was the result of selfless work of four wonderful and talented people, it would he exactly liked. Yeltsin presidential center is full of energy, with the most modern technology, it is open to all generations of visitors, but especially interesting here will be the younger generation of citizens. And I want to say a heartfelt thank you to all those people who work on the Ural earth opened Presidential center of Boris Yeltsin. This is a point of attraction not only for residents of the city and region, here you will be able to come, to arrive from all over the country, from around the world, I’m sure.

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– Work on creation of the Centre is complete, what do you feel?

For me it is definitely a joyous occasion. And as for the wife of the first President of Russia, and as a citizen of their country. I hope that we are witnessing the birth of a new political tradition of respect to the departed with the high position of the leader and his heritage. This is all the more important that it’s not about the party chief, who was in charge of the country as a result of a backstage fight, and the President you voted in direct and General and that is very important – alternative elections. And one more thing I must say. I hope that the first Presidential center will be an example of what the leader of the country and its time we can talk without trying to flatter him and hide the problems with this time bound. It is important that it was an honest conversation about our history.

– Life Yeltsin-President was always in sight. Will the Museum exhibits about the personal life of Boris Nikolayevich?

– All secrets I will not open, but the Museum many personal belongings of Boris Yeltsin, me, and our family members. For example, my wedding dress. A note to the hospital. The handle, which Boris had signed the decrees. The mobile phone that Tatiana worked during the election campaign…

– Will You participate in the work of the Centre?

– Of course, I can’t do the Center on a daily basis. But I’ll try often (as much as you can) to come in “Yeltsin Centre” to participate in its programs. For me it is not only a duty to the memory of Boris Nikolayevich, but also fun. I believe that “Yeltsin centre” will be a place where there will be plenty of live, creative, interesting. First of all, for citizens. 26th November, the day after the opening, I will hold in “Yeltsin Centre” to chat with visitors.