Rules on the sale of SIM cards in Russia may tighten due to terrorist threats

Rules on the sale of SIM cards in Russia may tighten due to terrorist threats

MOSCOW, 25 Nov. The interdepartmental Commission on countering extremism in the Russian Federation suggests to toughen control over the implementation of SIM cards because of the threat of terrorism, as well as change the procedure of their production, writes the newspaper “Kommersant” citing a source in the market of cellular operators.

Relevant instructions the Commission gave the Ministry of communications of the Russian Federation on the basis of its meeting, the newspaper reports. According to the newspaper’s source in one of cellular operators, the proposed measures related to the threat of terrorism.

“In particular, the Commission proposes to develop legislative amendments on the restriction for foreigners of the period of validity of contracts on rendering communication services for the period of their legal stay in the territory of the Russian Federation and the renewal of such contracts on the basis of documents, prolonging length of stay” — the material.

Also, according to media reports, is invited to give Roskomnadzor the authority unscheduled inspections of places of sale of SIM cards, as well as the right to conduct test purchases of SIM cards.

The data that the interdepartmental Commission did give such orders of the Ministry of communications, confirmed to the newspaper a Federal official. A source in the Ministry said that these initiatives do not come from the Ministry.

“We’re waiting for the Ministry of communications within the Commission will prepare proposals, no decisions made,” he said.