Aksyonov: Crimea refused to cooperate with Turkish business

Aksyonov: Crimea refused to cooperate with Turkish business

SIMFEROPOL, November 25. Crimea refused to cooperate with Turkish business and buy Turkish products. This was announced on November 25 journalists the head of the Republic Sergey Aksenov after the working meeting with the Minister of labour and social protection RF Maxim Topilin.

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“We believe unequivocally that the Crimean people should participate in the action of refusal to purchase Turkish products, products and so on. Urge Crimeans to abstain from trips to Turkey. Not because they were dangerous, but because today is a state that demonstrates hostile mood towards Russia. Today we cooperate with Turkish businessmen are not ready, I openly say this and I have no doubt that the Crimeans will support us”, – said Aksenov.

Previously, on 25 November the speaker of the state Council of the Republic Vladimir Konstantinov told journalists that the Crimea is free to refuse products that are imported to the Peninsula from Turkey. “Food in the Crimea is enough. Opportunities to replace products from the mainland we have more than enough. Those products are from Turkey, they are minuscule. Therefore, this issue is more about Turkey,” he said.

As a confirmed correspondent. the Minister of industrial policy of the Republic Andrei Skrynnik, food shortages in the Crimea.

The attack on su-24M

November 24 Russian bomber su-24M was shot down by a missile “air-air”, released fighter F-16 from the Turkish air force. One of the pilots was killed, another was rescued and taken to a Russian base. During the operation for the evacuation of the crew was also destroyed Russian helicopter Mi-8, resulted in the death of a marine-a soldier.

In Turkey claim that the downed plane had violated the country’s airspace. The Russian defense Ministry claims that the su-24M remained in the sky over Syria, and violated the border attacked a Turkish fighter.

The Russian General staff warned that Russia will destroy all potentially dangerous targets over Syria, and announced the deployment to the Syrian coast missile cruiser “Moskva” with the air defense system “Fort” (similar to s-300).


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