Congressman: the tension between Russia and Turkey hinders the fight against IG

WASHINGTON, 26 Nov. Dmitry Zlatarev. The tension between Moscow and Ankara that arose after the Turkish air force shot down a Russian military aircraft that posed a threat to the fight against terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG), said on Wednesday U.S. Congressman John Garamendi.

“It’s bad for fighting ISIS. We must ensure that Russia and Turkey have been together in this struggle”, — he told on air of CNN.

He did not say who is in this situation right or wrong, and called on all parties “to step back”. “ISIS is a common goal for the USA, Turkey and Russia,” he said.

On Tuesday in Syria was wrecked Russian bomber su-24. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin announced that the plane was shot down by a rocket type “air-air” with a Turkish F-16s over Syrian territory and fell in Syria four kilometers from the border with Turkey. The Russian President called it a “stab in the back” by the accomplices of terrorists. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that Russia may suspend an important joint projects with Turkey.