Foreign Ministry: NATO gave Turkey a pardon for acts that threaten international security

Foreign Ministry: NATO gave Turkey a pardon for acts that threaten international security

MOSCOW, November 26. NATO issued a pardon Ankara to actions that threaten global peace and security.

This was stated by the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

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“NATO’s position is a complete rejection. The Alliance apparently succumbed to pressure Turkey, – said Zakharov. – NATO, under the guise of a notorious allied solidarity, in fact, issued an indulgence of Ankara and other members of the unit to commit any illegal actions that not only undermine international efforts in the fight against Islamic state (terrorist group forbidden in the Russian Federation), but also creates a direct threat to the global peace and security”.

The diplomat also drew attention to the attempts of the Alliance to blame for the incident Russia. “NATO did not even bother to bring us condolences”, she added.

According to the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry, NATO is a shame that the Alliance has not expressed its attitude to death of the Russian pilot. “We hope that the NATO is fully aware of the risks and negative consequences of such short-sighted, purely opportunistic policy, the diplomat stressed. – Such a policy opposes the Alliance of the whole international community and collective efforts to counter the real threat and challenges”.

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In Moscow also think wild comments of the U.S. Department of state linking the fate of catapult pilot of the Russian plane with the right of self-defence, said foreign Ministry spokesman. “It’s wild comments, if we say that we are dealing with civilized people, the reasoning of the state Department linking the shooting catapult pilot of the Russian plane to land and the right to defend itself,” the diplomat said.

She also noted that “social networks have all the data on these people as well as pictures of those who from the earth were shot pilots”. “We have to have all the data that the state Department has information about who these people” – she said. – We expect the relevant state Department statements”.

According to Zakharova, Turkey is trying to protect the criminal methods of the “armed thugs”. In addition, Russia expects Turkey’s statements about how in Ankara are among those who scoffed at the Russian pilot. “If it’s not those people that defends Ankara, then we can look forward to official agencies concerned Turkey’s denials – she pointed out. – We are waiting for an explanation”.

The inter-Syrian dialogue

Also, she said, Damascus has already identified a list of their representatives to participate in a civil dialogue.

“Damascus has identified its representatives to participate in a civil dialogue, – the diplomat said. – With regard to opposition groups, they still face the task of developing a common political platform and determining the team responsible negotiators”.

The foreign Ministers of Russia and Syria, Sergei Lavrov and Walid Muallem on 27 November in Moscow to discuss bilateral relations between Russia and Syria, also said Zakharov. “Special attention will be paid to the security of Russian citizens and diplomatic missions in Syria,” the diplomat said.

“In accordance with the understanding reached in the framework of the International support group in Syria, the necessary conditions for dialogue between the Syrian government and the Syrian opposition. They must be created before the end of the current year”, – said Zakharov. She recalled that “Damascus already identified a list of their representatives to participate in a civil dialogue”. “As for the opposition groups, they face the task of formulating a policy platform and a experienced team of negotiators,” said the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry.

Zakharov also emphasized that all allegations of civilian casualties as a result of the Russian operations in Syria have nothing to do with reality. “We have noted the allegations of alleged civilian casualties (the attack HQs of the Russian Federation – approx.TASS), they have nothing to do with reality, – said Zakharov. – VKS RF approach with care the question of strikes”.

Lavrov will hold several meetings

According to Zakharova, Lavrov will visit on December 1-2, Cyprus, will meet with the President and the foreign Minister, will be affected by a Cyprus settlement, and the situation in Syria. She also noted that “on 9 December, a meeting of the foreign Minister with representatives of Italian business circles. This meeting is held on the initiative of the Italian-Russian chamber of Commerce, which confirms the continuing significant interest of Italian business to continue the work on the Russian market”.

Zakharova recalled that in Russia there are about 400 Italian companies. “We expect that during the upcoming meeting will be an open and constructive exchange of views on problematic aspects of the existing bilateral trade and economic relations, and the development of mutually beneficial cooperation,” the diplomat added.

December 1, Lavrov will meet with the authorized representatives and ambassadors of member States of the Organization of collective security Treaty (CSTO). “It is expected the participation of the CSTO Secretary General Nikolay Bordyuzha and the chief of CSTO joint staff Colonel-General Anatoly Sidorov, she said. – It is planned to discuss topical issues of international and regional security, issues of foreign policy coordination, the struggle against terrorism”.

In addition, informed diplomat, “will also be considered preparation of the forthcoming meeting of heads of state who are members of the organization and the working meeting of foreign Ministers of member States of the CSTO on the sidelines of the OSCE Ministerial Council which will take place 3-4 December in Belgrade”.

“The forthcoming Ministerial meeting will be held on the background of the wave of terrorism that has already come and almost swept through Europe and not only Europe, but also in neighbouring regions, – noted the official representative of the guardian. – It is expected that the Ministers of States participating in the OSCE will discuss the origins of terrorism and the need to join efforts in the fight against this scourge”. “We look forward to open and, very importantly, depoliticized dialogue”, – said Zakharov.