Grushko: NATO fears the consequences if the incident with su-24 is resolved

Grushko: NATO fears the consequences if the incident with su-24 is resolved

MOSCOW, November 25. The North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) is not interested in escalation with the su-24. This opinion was expressed on air of TV channel “Russia 1” Russia’s permanent representative at NATO Alexander Grushko.

Statements by NATO

NATO believes that the Russian su-24 violated the airspace of Turkey

NATO calls for diplomacy, peace and de-escalation to resolve the incident with the su-24M

The NATO Council will hold consultations on the incident with the aircraft of the Russian Federation in Syria

“NATO is not interested in escalation. I think NATO just fear the consequences for themselves if this incident will be resolved,” he said. – Since Turkey is a NATO member, and NATO is linked to Turkey by a number of commitments”.

According to Grushko, there is confusion in the Alliance, which did not pass the “exam objective” politically “shutting Ankara” at an emergency meeting over downed Turkey Russian bomber su-24. But the NATO Secretary General Mr Stoltenberg made clear that the conflict must be resolved between Ankara and Moscow.

The attack on the Russian su-24M

A fighter from the Turkish air force F-16 on Tuesday shot down a Russian su-24 bomber. Moscow claims that the Russian plane was over Syrian territory, there participating in the operation against ISIS. According to the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation “violation of air space of Turkey.” Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that the attack on the bomber su-24 will have “serious consequences” for Russian-Turkish relations.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the extraordinary meeting of the NATO Council convened at the initiative of Turkey, has called for calm and de-escalate in contacts between Moscow and Ankara.

The exam for objectivity fail

NATO has not passed a regular examination on the objectivity of trying to “cover up” Turkey in the incident with the attack of the Russian front-line bomber su-24, said Grushko.

“NATO has not passed a regular examination is objectivity. We saw what we saw very often last years – all of what the countries of NATO, and all of this can somehow understand, to justify. But NATO believes that this organization is the “Supreme judge” in all matters of security,” he said.

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Lavrov: to be at war with Turkey Russia is not going

“There is a definite confusion in NATO. Yesterday we saw such “political theater”. The sense was that, on the basis of Atlantic solidarity, the interests of political expediency, politically “to cover” Ankara”, – said Grushko.

According to him, Turkey has made a severe unlawful act of shooting down the plane in the airspace of another country – Syria. “Even today, as it turns out, if our plane and accidentally violated the airspace of Turkey, it was a very short-term violation and he moved from Syria to Syria. Yesterday it was all shaded”, – he added.

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