Kaliningrad authorities plan to increase the production of fish products

Kaliningrad authorities plan to increase the production of fish products

In the framework of import substitution in the Kaliningrad region it is planned to prepare a comprehensive programme of action to increase production of fish products.

KALININGRAD, 26 Nov. Kaliningrad region Governor Nikolai Tsukanov urged the heads of regional fishing and fish-processing enterprises to participate in training programmes to boost production, reported the press service of the regional government.

On Thursday in Kaliningrad held a meeting on development of fish production in the framework of import substitution with the participation of heads of fishing and processing enterprises of the region.

“The Governor expressed support for the industry and requested the participants to jointly prepare a comprehensive action program aimed at increasing fish production. The program, in particular, will take into account the development of the fleet, and onshore processing infrastructure, attraction of specialists”, — is spoken in the message.

In Russia annually consumes about 200 million cans of sprat preserves. Among them the share of Russian products is 39%. In the Kaliningrad region produced 25 million cans of sprat preserves. One of the largest fish processing plants in the region of the fish factory “For the Motherland” produces 10 million cans of sprats. According to the manual, if you increase the supply of raw materials, the expansion of jobs in the fish processing plant will be able to increase production two-fold. The company “Roskon” is also ready to increase output by about 15% — to 7.5 million cans when sufficient quantities of raw materials.

Guide fishing company “Marfish” notes that are ready this year to fully meet the processing and in the area of the existing fishing fleet is sufficient for the development of currently allocated quotas on the fish, however, to increase the share of the Kaliningrad goods to the Russian market will require additional court.

Since 2013, the region adopted a long-term target program on development of coastal fisheries. The area government has allocated to support fishermen more than 330 million rubles, which subsidized the cost of modernization and construction of fishing vessels, coastal infrastructure, to the payment of interest on loans.

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