Russia prepares indefinite measures against Turkey

Russia prepares indefinite measures against Turkey

After the incident with the Russian su-24 bomber in Syria, Moscow is waiting for Turkey’s apology, damages and punish the perpetrators, however, Ankara insists that she should not apologize.

MOSCOW, 26 Nov. Moscow is ready to take against Turkey’s perpetual economic and political measures after the incident with the Russian su-24 bomber in Syria, waiting for an apology from senior Turkish leadership, compensation and punishment of those responsible; Ankara is not going to apologize.

“So far, we haven’t heard a single intelligible apology from the highest political level Turkey or proposals relating to compensation and damages, no promises to punish criminals for their actions a crime”, — said the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

Abetting terror

On Tuesday the Russian su-24 aircraft crashed in Syria. Putin said that the plane was shot down by a rocket type “air-air” with a Turkish F-16s over Syrian territory and fell in Syria four kilometers from the border with Turkey.

“I can not say that we believe that it is absolutely inexplicable treacherous stabs in the back from those who we have seen partners and allies in the fight against terrorism”, — said the President of the Russian Federation.

According to him, “it seems that the Turkish government deliberately pushes Russian-Turkish relations to a deadlock.” “We regret this” — said Putin.

He stressed that terrorism “should be fought uncompromisingly, consistently”. “We believe that any attempt to whitewash terrorism, coddle the terrorists should be treated like a complicity in terror, complicity in crimes,” he said.

Indefinite measures

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev called the attack on the Russian su-24 act of aggression against Russia by Turkey. “This is clearly an act of aggression against our country by Turkey, our neighbour and also still a member of the North Atlantic Alliance,” Medvedev said at a government meeting.

He stated that the restrictive measures of Russia against Turkey in response to the act of aggression will be perpetual, the time frame will depend on the development of bilateral relations and the international situation.

“The length of these documents (decree of the President and government decision — ed.) will not be set, this period will depend on the international situation and security issues in the framework of the act on special economic measures, and finally from our relations with Turkey,” — Medvedev said at a government meeting.

He noted that the relevant documents should be prepared within two days.

The head of the Ministry of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev said that Russia may limit or even prevent all access to ports and airspace of the country of ships and aircraft in Turkey.

“On the basis of development of normative acts in the form of a presidential decree and government resolutions of the Russian Federation may be introduced measures aimed at ensuring the country’s security and protect its legal interests, rights and freedoms of its citizens, the Minister said. — Establishing or changing rates of import and export customs duties; prohibition or restriction of call at ports of the Russian Federation courts or the use of airspace of the Russian Federation; the imposition of restrictions on tourist activity”.

According to the speaker, may suspend implementation of all or part of the programs in the field of technical and economic assistance, cooperation, termination or suspension of international trade treaties of the Russian Federation and other international agreements in terms of foreign trade relations. He said that restrictions could be extended to participation in international scientific and scientific-technical programs.

The head of the Ministry of culture Vladimir Medinsky said that the Ministry will prepare proposals to limit humanitarian cooperation, including in the tourist industry.

The official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that the incident with the Russian plane will affect all aspects of relations of Russia and Turkey.

No excuses

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Ankara will not apologise for the incident with the downed Russian su-24. “You need to apologize to those who have violated our airspace. Our pilots and armed forces have fulfilled their duties, which was to answer the violation,” Erdogan said.

He said that Ankara upset at the reaction of Moscow to the incident with SU-24, since Turkey and Russia have a strategic partnership.

“We’ve announced that in case of violation of our airspace, we respond automatically. We already had such cases of violation. After ten warnings, the records are published, these rules were applied to the aircraft of unknown nationality. Whose it was the plane, it became clear already after the incident. This case we were very disappointed. We are also sorry to observe coming from the Russian side statements and reactions that are not related to the topic,” he said.

He stressed that he does not want escalation of the conflict. “We have no reason to take Russia on sight. Our differences with Russia on Syria is one thing, but the rules for responding to threats is another,” Erdogan said.