SEZ: the damage from the withdrawal of Turkish investors statesman difficult to assess

SEZ: the damage from the withdrawal of Turkish investors statesman difficult to assess

Total investment of Turkish companies to invest in enterprises in the special economic zone “Alabuga” in Tatarstan exceeds 33 billion rubles, which is 35% of the total.

The KAZAN, 26 Nov. Irina Durnitsyna. Turkish investors have invested in enterprises in the special economic zone (SEZ) “Alabuga” in Tatarstan more than 33 billion rubles, the consequences of their possible departure is difficult to assess, said the representative of the press service of the SEZ.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that the government was instructed to develop a set of measures in economic and humanitarian spheres on the response to an act of aggression by Turkey. As one of the measures Medvedev proposed to collapse the talks-Russia and Turkey on an agreement on preferences for investment, investment projects of the two countries can be frozen. It is also planned to discuss a ban on the activities of Turkish companies in the Russian Federation.

“Formally, all the resident companies of the SEZ “Alabuga” are Russian, as registered in the Yelabuga municipal area. We called six Turkish companies established with Turkish capital. The total volume of their investments exceeds 33 billion rubles — this is 35% of the total delivery at the site of the private investment,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

The number of companies established in “Alabuga” with participation of Turkish capital, woodworking company Kastamonu, enterprise for manufacturing of paper sanitary-hygienic products Hayat, the plant of the company “Coskunoz” for the production of stamped parts for Ford vehicles, as well as two plants of the Franco-Turkish Alliance of Sisecam and Saint-Gobain for the production of sheet and automobile glass. Currently Dizayn Turkish company completes preparation for start of production of plastic pipes in the industrial Park “synergy”.

“It is difficult for us to assess the consequences of a possible withdrawal of these companies from the SEZ — so far all of them have operated successfully, and while the residents had not reported changes in their plans in view of the prevailing situation”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

He also added that companies from the Turkish Republic are the major residents, they built on the territory of SEZ large enterprises, and the closure of these factories would entail significant losses for residents.

The SEZ “Alabuga” is the largest and most successful special economic zone of industrial-production type in Russia. Established by the government of the Russian Federation in December 2005 in the Elabuga district in Tatarstan. Currently in “Alabuga” is registered for 45 residents total private investment is contracted 154,9 billion rubles, 92,6 billion of which was disbursed. The residents of SEZ produced goods at 131.8 billion, created more than 5.3 thousand jobs.

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