The Crimean authorities have begun combating speculators, the first pass were the sellers of gasoline

The Crimean authorities have begun combating speculators, the first pass were the sellers of gasoline

SIMFEROPOL, November 26. /Corr. Alexey Konovalov/. The authorities of the Crimea to decisive measures for fight against speculators, trying to earn the situation with the power outages on the Peninsula. The head of the Republic Sergey Aksenov last night held a meeting with the leadership of force structures in which they were discussed.

“Representatives of Federal authorities, law enforcement authorities and we are interested in stabilizing the situation. Use of emergency on the territory of Crimea to amass in his pocket more money, no one will. In the context of criminal law including, can be employed persons who during the period of emergency will try by their actions to destabilize the situation on the Peninsula. This warning is serious,” – said Aksenov at the meeting.

Claims to traders

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The Prosecutor’s office first responded to the complaints of residents of Crimea on the increase of prices at gas stations on the Peninsula.

“The Prosecutor’s office brought cautions to the heads of large stations, so that they do not speculate, not artificially created fuel shortages and raised prices. Each Manager is notified, warned,” – said the head of Department Natalia Polonskaya.

The first Vice-Premier of the Crimean government Mikhail Sheremet sure that the boom in the oil market on the Peninsula has been created artificially. Daily demand in fuel, he said, is 1.5-1.6 thousand tonnes, the Peninsula daily delivered 2.3 tonnes of fuel. “no one will cash in on temporary difficulties in the Republic”, – said Sheremet.

The agreement on freezing prices

At night in the government of Crimea were invited the leaders of all the major companies involved in the sale of fuel on the territory of the Republic. They were asked to sign an agreement on the terms of the government. In particular, the traders agreed to prevent the increase in retail prices for motor fuel during the period of emergency, the pricing they will now be negotiated with the Council of Ministers of the Republic. In addition, all companies will have to create stocks of fuel not less than 20 days and to provide filling stations with backup generators.

“We found with the sellers of fuel point of contact to the extent that we even provide interest-free loans so they could buy generators. We will assist in the smooth transfer of fuel to the territory of the Republic and will provide maximum administrative resource”, – said Sheremet.

The redistribution of fuel

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In Crimea froze the price of gasoline at the time of Pakistan.

The traders have pledged Thursday morning to open all without exception of the petrol station station on the Peninsula. I had to redistribute the fuel among the fuel stations, where its stocks were large and those where gasoline does not remain.

“We have tasked the traders to gather the strength to go to work at night and in the morning to open gas stations, owned by the biggest players in the oil market”, – said Aksenov.

“According to Wednesday night, the wagons have a capacity of 2.3 tonnes of fuel were received. This is a sufficient portion. It allows you to run all the gas stations that remained without fuel. Oil traders have committed themselves that during the night refueling the fuel will be delivered,” – said Deputy Minister of energy of the Russian Federation Andrey Tcherezov after the meeting with oil traders.

Control of prices for food

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In addition to fuel prices Aksenov instructed the security forces to closely monitor the situation on the market of food products and medicines. This will set up special working groups.

“Through the work of the headquarters for emergency situations please the law enforcement authorities need to form a working group on monitoring of prices in the food market and the market of drugs. This is a very important and painful issue for us. All market players should be warned about the inadmissibility of speculation with the hard time of the Republic, – said the head of the Republic.

“We are ready to make decisions that match the emergency situation and to provide the population with quality food. But it did players in the market, and scrupulous in their duties during this difficult period. Otherwise, under current Federal legislation, we will react accordingly”, – said Aksenov.

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