The DIA before the end of the year, does not intend to apply to the Central Bank for a new loan

MOSCOW, November 25. The Agency for Deposit insurance (DIA) to the end of 2015 planning to apply to the CBR for a new loan to replenish the Deposit insurance Fund, said Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev at the conference “Retail investor”.

“Not planned. We have to choose 110 billion rubles., the last remains”, – he said.

Earlier it was reported that the DIA has selected the 75 billion rubles from the previously approved loan of the CBRF in the amount of 110 billion rubles to replenish the insurance Fund. The Corporation stressed that regardless of the number and scope of insurance cases ASV guarantees to depositors the receipt of insurance payments on time and in full.

The Board of Directors of the Deposit insurance Agency in June approved the possibility of Agency in Bank of Russia on granting loans amounting to 110 billion rubles. without collateral for up to five years at a reduced rate.