The Ministry of agriculture has labeled organic vegetables and fruit is the sign of “organic”

The Ministry of agriculture has labeled organic vegetables and fruit is the sign of “organic”

MOSCOW, November 26. The Ministry of agriculture developed amendments to the law “About quality and safety of food products”, according to which producers of organic vegetables and fruits will be required to indicate on the packaging information “organic”. This is stated in the message on the Rosselkhoznadzor site.

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A single design of the seal of approval no. “Everyone will be able at its discretion to use the one already adopted in the world, or invent your marking with detailed information about where and in what conditions it was grown. Prerequisite – labeling must be truthful” – said in a press release.

In this case, for unreasonable access to the information, the perpetrators of the fraud will be penalized. 2 thousand rubles will pay private traders, to 20 thousand sellers in the market or in the store and up to 40 thousand heads of chain stores, which distributed the goods with false marking.

The Agency reminds that according to the law known as “organic” may only vegetables and fruit grown without pesticides, fertilizers and growth stimulants.

Similar rules applied to manufacturers and sellers of food products with GMO content. If the proportion of genetically modified organisms in the product exceeds 0.9 percent, this information should be specified. Otherwise, private entrepreneurs will have to pay a fine in the amount of 20-50 thousand rubles, and legal entities in the 100-150 thousand rubles.

A draft law has been prepared by the government and submitted to the state Duma.