Vice-Premier: Crimea freezes about 30 Turkish investment projects for $500 million

Vice-Premier: Crimea freezes about 30 Turkish investment projects for $500 million

SIMFEROPOL, November 26. /Corr. Elena Bogdanovich/. The Crimean authorities have suspended the implementation of some 30 Turkish investment projects totaling approximately $500 million.

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This was announced by Vice-Premier of the government of the Republic Ruslan Balbec, in charge of international relations.

“This decision was taken in accordance with the position of our President,’ he said. – There were only about 30 investment projects totaling about half a billion dollars.”

Vice Prime Minister stressed that the gap of economic relations with Turkey will not affect the residents of the Crimea. “Asian countries are showing great interest in the Peninsula, there are European investors”, – said the Balbec.

Investment projects previously signed with Turkey, pertaining to the areas of construction, services, tourism, communications and food supply. In particular, the Turkish company was to be the contractor of the construction in Simferopol of the Cathedral mosque.

Earlier, the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov declared to journalists that the Republic refuses to cooperate with Turkish business and buy Turkish products.

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“We believe unequivocally that the Crimean people should participate in the action of refusal to purchase Turkish products, products and so on. Urge Crimeans to abstain from trips to Turkey. Not because they were dangerous, but because today is a state that demonstrates hostile mood towards Russia. Today we cooperate with Turkish businessmen are not ready, I openly say this and I have no doubt that the Crimeans will support us”, – said Aksenov.

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