At the meeting with the popular front Putin asked not to rock the government and pledged support to journalists

At the meeting with the popular front Putin asked not to rock the government and pledged support to journalists

MOSCOW, November 27. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin discussed with activists of the Russian popular front (onf) the project “For fair procurement” and the problem of corruption in the country. However, this topic the participants is not limited.

A popular movement without bureaucracy

The head of state expressed the view that the popular front was held as a popular movement, a bureaucracy which is practically reduced to zero. Putin noted that the popular front is based mostly directly on citizens, “and this is the most durable support without hesitation.”

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Putin: the popular front took place as the people’s movement, where the bureaucracy is practically reduced to zero

Speaking of the onf project “For fair procurement”, the President called it “an extremely compelling thing.” According to Putin, he helps clean up the economy “from all that hinders us”. The head of state expressed hope that the situation in this sphere will change for the better and this work “will have a long-term nature”.

The President also noted that volunteers engaged in these activities, are under pressure. “Of course, not everyone likes it when some say openly and directly, exposing problems, they say about their causes”, he added.

At the same time, in the opinion of the head of state, the popular front should not become a new control instance, it needs to be a tool of people control. Onf is already becoming such, and this quality must not be lost, he added.

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The President warned that in particular, support for activists from officials should not wait, but it is important that they do not interfere.

The Russian leader also recalled that before the public men of the task is not “to shake the state apparatus”. “The administrative bodies in the most part are decent, disciplined and efficient people”, – stressed the head of state. “We must all understand that if we want to effectively solve the tasks facing the country, it is possible to do it by some administrative structures is impossible,” he added and urged to “rely on those people who work in such social movements as the all-Russian popular front”.

Initiatives onf

At these meetings the community members traditionally sponsor initiatives. Was no exception and the current dialogue of the asset front with the head of state.

So, Deputy head of the onf project “For fair procurement” Anastasia Matulenko proposed to liquidate the company “Special economic zones”, and funds for the development of such areas be passed directly to the regions. Earlier, the onf has repeatedly criticized the company, noting that it works inefficiently. Currently in Russia there are 17 special economic zones.

The President has promised to check the efficiency of use of budgetary funds of JSC “Special economic zones” (SEZ). “Didn’t know that the money allocated from the Federal budget for these purposes (the creation and development of special economic zones), instead of investing them in real production and infrastructure, just deposited in accounts in banks spinning for the appropriate of profit, it is not clear where going,” he said.

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Putin: the efficiency of use of budgetary funds of JSC “SEZ” will be checked

Putin called the work of creating such zones is very important. He noticed that sometimes there are proposals to opt out of such work. “But if you do it right, in a responsible and prudent attitude to public resources, then certainly the result will be different,” – said the head of state.

Onf activists also proposed to conduct national monitoring and to discuss with businessmen the introduction of a new system of control over the payment of taxes. As stated by the co-regional headquarters for the Perm region Dmitry Sazonov, the system will eliminate unfair competition from entrepreneurs who do not pay taxes, and carry out remote checks for payment of taxes.

In addition, onf took the initiative to oblige the customers in the construction of social facilities to use standard designs. According to Deputy head of the onf project “For fair procurement” Alexey Dautov, activists of the popular front in August were sent to the government of Russia the letter with such a proposal. “We got no answer. Given the importance of this issue, please give the appropriate orders,” he added. The Russian President expressed willingness to discuss this idea.

Not all ideas are accepted

While interacting with the activists of the popular front, the President not only agreed with public men, but also argued with them. Thus, in particular, the head of state did not agree with the idea to send part of the funds from fines for traffic violations collected as a result of violations with video cameras on the roads, the elimination of damaged parts. He proposed to discuss other funding options and improving road safety.

At the meeting with the head of state the representative of the project “Map of life” has preferred to direct on these purposes of not less than 10% of the funds received by regions from fines collected with the help of video cameras. “And there where no cameras there what to do? There what not to spend money on ensuring safety on the roads?” – answered the President.

Putin agreed that “it is necessary to provide funding” of such measures, but stressed that financiers usually “opposed to “staining” of incoming money in the budget”. “Costs should be determined based on the priorities of the municipality, region or the state as a whole. And usually, financiers do not associate it with specific sources of income,” – said the President.

Meanwhile, Putin called on the activists to continue working to improve road safety.

Down with self-public relations of officials

During the conversation, we were talking about journalists. As stated by co-Chairman of the Central headquarters of the popular front Alexander Brechalov, was created an effective system of support for regional journalists. “First of all, the legal support that is designed to protect each journalist,” he said. “Your support, your participation is for journalists huge help,” said Brechalov, speaking to Putin. According to Brechalov, the journalists who participated in the media forum BIP “Truth and justice”, held in April this year in St. Petersburg, in the regions of changing attitude.

Answering the question about the possibility of making changes to the media law in order to compel municipal authorities to perform accreditation, the President agreed to think about it. “If there aren’t any ambushes that we now may not see, but I think there will be any problems should not be, it has to be implemented”, – said Putin.

He also suggested that some officials spend on mass media coverage of government money budgets, such contracts should be as transparent as possible on schemes, in particular by results of the auctions. “It’s municipal or state money. These are located to receive the corresponding service on coverage of activity”, – said the President. He also expressed the view that regional and local officials should not engage in self-promotion in the press, and to inform the public.