The MAYOR: the growth of Russia’s GDP in October was 0.1%, for 10 months the indicator decreased by 3.7%

The MAYOR: the growth of Russia’s GDP in October was 0.1%, for 10 months the indicator decreased by 3.7%

MOSCOW, November 27. The RF GDP growth in October was 0.1% with purified seasonality, in January-October the Russian economy has reached 3.7%. These data are presented in monthly monitoring of the Ministry of economic development.

“Annual GDP growth in October, according to the Ministry of economic development, and in September decreased by 3.7% compared with a decline of 4.1% in the third quarter, respectively,” the document says.

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A positive impact on the change in the dynamics of GDP in October, as in the previous month, had mining and agriculture. In October a significant contribution to the GDP dynamics has made transportation, including pipeline. The main negative aspect of October is the decreasing dynamics of retail trade, paid services to the population and construction, noted in the Ministry.

Earlier, the Minister of economic development Alexey Ulyukaev reported that the decline in GDP by the end of 2015 may be less than the projected 3,9% and can amount to 3.7%.

About the production

The MAYOR recorded in October in Russia, industrial production growth from month seasonally adjusted 0.1%.

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“In October, according to the Ministry of economic development, the growth of industrial production in General, with the exception of seasonal and calendar components, continued for the second consecutive month after Contracting in August. September to 0.2%, February – 0,1%”, – stated in the monitoring ministrestva.

The Ministry notes that the industrial output growth in October in the extraction by 0.3% and the reduction in the production and distribution of electricity, gas and water in October by 0.2%.

In the manufacturing sector have stabilized, which registered zero dynamics.

Earlier, the Minister of economic development of Russia Alexei Ulyukayev said that the situation in the Russian industry is currently characterized by stagnation.

On foreign trade and investment

The foreign trade surplus of Russia in October 2015 amounted to $10 billion. a “Positive trade balance in October 2015 with an estimated $10.0 billion, compared to October 2014 it decreased by 32.1%”, – stated in the document.

Investments in fixed capital with clearing of the seasonal factor grew by 0.4%. “Dynamics of fixed capital investments excluding seasonal for the first time this year, moved into positive territory, amounting, according to the Ministry of economic development, 0,4%”, – informs the Ministry of economic development.

About production, consumption and export of gas

Production of natural and associated gas in January-October of 2015 decreased compared with the same period a year earlier by 2.4% to 509,9 billion cubic meters by reducing production enterprises in the Gazprom group by 7.7% to 332,1 bln cubic meters. Independent producers and oil companies continue to increase gas production, the document said.

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The Ministry also indicates that gas consumption in the domestic market in January-October of 2015 decreased compared with the same period in 2014 by 4.7% to 349,6 billion cubic meters, which is mainly due to the reduction of gas supplies to power plants and boiler plants of the UES of Russia.

Gas exports in January-October, almost reached the level of 2014 (99,6%) and amounted to $ 146,4 billion cubic meters, thanks to a sharp increase of export to the far abroad. The share of export in January-October, 2015 in the total volume of gas production increased and amounted to 28.7 percent. In the far abroad countries gas exports increased by 6.7% to 114 billion cubic meters.

The population

Real incomes of Russians continued to show negative dynamics, having decreased in October 2015 by 0.3%.

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“Real disposable income (excluding seasonal factor) for three months show a negative trend. In this case the intensity reduction is gradually decreasing: in October, the decline was 0.3% compared to the previous month in seasonally adjusted terms (minus 1.3% in August and -0.5% in September),” – said in the document.

Earlier, the Ministry reported that in September the index decreased by 0.6%.