Rosavtodor: the heavy trucks on Federal highways travel staffing

Rosavtodor: the heavy trucks on Federal highways travel staffing

In the course of vehicle checks established that the heavy transport worker flights for the delivery of goods to customers, said the Federal road Agency.

MOSCOW, 29 Nov. Cargo transportation on Federal highways Russia goes in a regular mode, for the last day of the difficulties in transport streams is not detected, the message Rosavtodor.

Rosavtodor experts conduct round the clock monitoring traffic on Federal highways of the Russian Federation to prevent potential disruptions of traffic due to possible protests truck drivers against the system “Platon”.

“On the Federal roads connecting Moscow with other regions (M-10 “Russia”, M-9 Baltiya, M-7 “Volga”, M-6 “Caspian”, M-5 “Ural”, M-4 “don” M-3 “Ukraine” M-2 “Crimea” M-1 “Belarus”) is not recorded movement of the organized columns of lorries in the capital. A single case was identified by the traffic police in the Volgograd region, which left the convoy of 10 cars and 5 trucks. The movement of cars do not obstruct other road users and measures against its members was not applied”, — spoken in the message of Federal road Agency on Sunday.

It is noted that during checks of vehicles in the regions by employees of the regulatory authorities found that heavy trucks performs its working flights for the delivery of goods to customers. Therefore, drivers and owners of 12-tinnikov 29 November continued its work, it is stated in the message.

“No March on Moscow was not planned, we are engaged in constructive dialogue with the state and no provocation is not planned” — are words in the message of the President of the Association “Gruzavtotrans” Vladimir Matahina.

System “Platon” has earned in Russia from November 15. It will charge tolls to trucks carrying more than 12 tons. Now the trucks will pay 1.53 per ruble for each passed kilometre driven on Federal highways. It was planned that in 2016 the fee will amount to 3.06 rubles for 1 kilometer. The money should go to the road Fund in compensation for the destruction of traces of heavy cars. The implementation of the system has been met with social protests and was accompanied by complaints of technical difficulties.