Rosturizm: the decree of the President of Turkey will contribute to the development of domestic tourism

Rosturizm: the decree of the President of Turkey will contribute to the development of domestic tourism

MOSCOW, November 28. The decree of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin concerning restrictive measures in respect of Turkey will contribute to the development of domestic tourism in Russia. About this stated the head of the Federal tourism Agency Oleg Safonov.

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Putin signed a decree on application of special economic measures in relation to Turkey

“It seems to me that the presidential decree will have a huge positive value for development of tourism in the Russian Federation”, – he stressed. In particular, the expected increase in domestic tourist arrivals in 2016 at 3-5 million people, said Safonov. It is necessary to build an additional 150 thousand hotel rooms, said the head of the Federal tourism Agency.

“The infrastructure is now established, it is appropriate to the tourist traffic that was previously, but now it is obvious, and I’m sure, will be very serious investments in tourism infrastructure… According to our data, about 150 thousand numbers might need later,” he said.

Safonov believes that Russia will be able to develop tourist infrastructure and to provide the level and quality of tourism products, to which Russians are accustomed, resting abroad.

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ATOR: the decision to suspend the visa-free regime with Turkey is not critical for the travel industry of the Russian Federation

In addition, the head of the Federal tourism Agency is confident that the tour operators will not face financial difficulties, if you will listen to the recommendations of the Agency and are now focusing on domestic tourism.

In fact, the Federal tourism Agency has already complied with the provisions stipulated in the presidential decree, on the basis of the Foreign Ministry November 24, recommendations not to travel to Turkey in connection with the terrorist threat. The Ministry requested the operators and travel agents not to sell tours to the Republic of Turkey. “The planes now are flying to Turkey empty, there sit our tourists and back. New tourists there do not start”, – said Safonov.

According to him, last year Turkey was visited by more than 4 million Russian citizens. “This money is exported out of the country, the money is huge. I gave a figure of $10 billion, it really is a reasonable amount. We strongly hope that these funds will be used domestically and will work on the economy of our country”, – said the head of Department.

State Duma Deputy called the ban charters in Turkey a measure of the pending effect

The presidential decree banning Charter flights to Turkey represents a measure of the pending effect, which leaves the possibility the leadership of this country to change its position and to apologize for the incident with the downed Russian su-24 in the skies over Syria. This opinion was expressed on Saturday, the first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on economic policy, head of the Subcommittee on tourism Mikhail Emelyanov.

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Sands: the response of the Turkish authorities on the incident with su-24 resembles a theatre of the absurd

“The ban’s Charter is perhaps the most important measure contained in the decree of the President”, – said Emelyanov. According to him, all other measures that relate, including the prohibition of imports of goods, manpower, Turkish organizations, require clarification in the regulations of the government.

“As for Charter flights, then this is the most serious measure, because all the transportation of tourists to Turkey, especially on the coast, carried out by Charter flights”, – said the Deputy. He recalled that to carry tourists on scheduled flights unprofitable. “This is a serious blow to the tourist industry, primarily in Turkey, as there are annually from Russia fly more than 3 million tourists who fly Charter flights on a beach vacation,” said Emelyanov.

“This measure will work only in may, when usually begins the mass flow of tourists on the coast of Turkey. Therefore, the effect of this measure will be somewhat delayed,” continued the source. “The whole Ordinance is designed in such colours that it could be much worse, but the measures give the opportunity to the Turkish President to come to their senses a little bit and maybe smooth out the incident (with the Russian aircraft), apologize and so on, because of the decree there is a delayed effect,” he concluded.

Travel agents need to think about the domestic market

Emelyanov also noted that the Russian tourist companies after the loss Turkish of the direction you need to adjust to the domestic market, and the government of the Russian Federation to think about the compensation to the domestic industry.

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Without Turkey tours: travel in a new environment

“Of course, our tour operators do not envy,” said Emelyanov. He recalled that Egypt, which interrupted air traffic, and Turkey were two of the most popular tourist destinations for Russians. “As I recall, about 18% of tourist arrivals were from Turkey, 15% in Egypt”, – said the politician.

In this context, Yemelyanov did not rule out that some tour operators “will not be able to adapt to, and withstand such a blow.” “At the same time as now not the season, time, first, to adjust to domestic tourism, and secondly, to use more actively other resorts of the black sea and the Mediterranean is first and foremost Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Montenegro,” he said. However, MP noted that “this stay is in a different price segment”.

“I think our government need to seriously think about some compensation and assistance to our tourism industry. Because of no fault of their own travel company put in a very serious situation,” – stated the first Deputy Chairman of the profile Committee of the state Duma. “There should be taken some urgent measures of support, but at the same time needs together with the companies to develop a strategy to develop domestic tourism and help to adjust to it,” he suggested. At the same time, “Russian companies and tourists must understand that in the aggravation of the international situation, the priority should again be domestic tourism, and alternative to that in the coming years will not appear”, said Emelyanov.

The Russians can continue to travel to Turkey, but not through travel agent

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The head of Rosturizm: the majority of Russian tourists should be back from Turkey until December 7

At the same time, the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on social policy Valery Ryazan said that the ban on the sale of tourism products to Turkey, referred to signed Saturday by the President of the Russian Federation the decree affects only organized forms of tourism, independent travel is still possible.

“If someone from citizens of the Russian Federation will be decided on a solo trip, bought a ticket and paid accommodation there, on the spot, it’s a matter of the person himself, if he is the solution he adopts, but organized trips including charters, of course, will not” – said the Senator.

Countries that could become alternative to Turkey and Egypt, “a little from the point of view price options and terms to stay”, he said. “Similar conditions – (United) Arab Emirates, but they will not compare on price parameters”. If not to take into account the transportation component, “from the point of view of conditions and prices will not be worse than Vietnam, India, China, Thailand,” said Ryazan.

“I think that for our tourists more attractive will also be trips to domestic resorts on inland tourist routes”, – concluded the MP.

The attack on the Russian su-24M

A fighter from the Turkish air force F-16 on November 24 shot down a Russian bomber su-24M, which, according to Ankara, had violated the country’s airspace near the border with Syria.

The defense Ministry claims that the su-24M was extremely over Syrian territory and that “violations of the airspace of Turkey.” Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that the attack on the bomber would have “serious consequences” for Russian-Turkish relations. According to the head of state, the Turkish air force attack on the Russian plane, which was involved in anti-terrorist operations in Syria and did not pose a threat to Turkey, is a “stab in the back” of Russia.

The President’s decree on measures against Turkey

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday signed a decree on application of special economic measures against Turkey. So, he decided, from 1 January 2016 to suspend the agreement with Turkey on visa-free regime. In addition, the tour operators should refrain from the sale to the Russians of the tourist product, providing a visit to Turkey. The President instructed the government to impose a ban on Charter air transportation between Russia and Turkey.