The FAS does not expect any shocks from fuel prices in 2016

The FAS does not expect any shocks from fuel prices in 2016

At present the growth dynamics of fuel prices calm, said Deputy head of the FAS. According to him, the future is expected to increase positive factors on the market.

MOSCOW, 29 Nov. The Federal Antimonopoly service of the Russian Federation does not expect significant changes in fuel prices next year will increase the number of positive factors influencing the market, said in an interview to “the Russian newspaper” the Deputy Minister Anatoly Golomolzin.

“Any shocks, we do not expect. Continues to improve trading. Improving the regulatory impact. Through the mechanism of quadripartite agreements, rules of creation of reserves the situation for the market will be even more favorable than now”, — said Golomolzin.

He added that the Agency looks forward to increased activity on the exchange from Belarusian companies. “In our consultations with our Kazakh and Kyrgyz counterparts, this theme will be the subject of discussion within the BRICS”, — said the representative of the FAS.

“Positive factors influencing the market. Theoretically the situation may reflect significant price fluctuations, which is observed in the external market. But given the changes to the General concept of taxation in the industry with simultaneous reduction of export duties and excise taxes the effect of price fluctuations of external market situation with prices on the domestic market will decrease,” he added.

As for the current situation on the market, Golomolzin has noted that, when compared with General inflation, which, according to 15 of November, amounted to 11.7%, the growth dynamics of fuel prices relaxed.

“Gasoline prices at retail increased by 5.6%, to the diesel — only 2.4%. The gap on inflation is very noticeable. And I must say, this situation has been observed for two years,” said the official.