Fcsd: the 2016 elections will be the most intense for parties and election commissions in 12 regions

Fcsd: the 2016 elections will be the most intense for parties and election commissions in 12 regions

MOSCOW, November 30. Elections of deputies of the state Duma on 18 September 2016 will be a record number of regional campaigns with which they are combined, while the most difficult will be the organization of elections in 12 regions. To such conclusion came experts of Fund of development of civil society (materials are available).

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“Never before the Duma campaign was combined with so many significant regional and local elections”, – stated in the materials Fund.

So, on 18 September, in addition to the Duma elections in 38 subjects of the Russian Federation will pass elections of the legislative assemblies in five higher officials. Also in 11 regional capitals will choose deputies of representative bodies.

At the previous Duma elections on 4 December 2011 with the Federal campaign combined 28 regional four important parliamentary and municipal, reminiscent of Fcsd.

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“For the participants of elections, that is primarily for parliamentary parties, and to electoral commissions, the regional and local administrations, ensuring the campaigns, the combination of elections always creates certain organizational difficulties,” the experts stress.

On the basis of what the regional and municipal campaigns are and how many constituencies formed in each of the regions, Fcsd has made a rating of the complexity of election administration in the regions.

The most difficult from the point of view of political management will be elections in 12 regions. On the first place on the complexity of campaign management, according to the estimations of the Fund, Moscow (15 constituencies), followed by Moscow region (11 counties and regional Parliament), St. Petersburg (eight counties and city Parliament). It is expected that the elections will be tense, in particular, in the Sverdlovsk region (seven districts and the regional Parliament), Krasnodar region (eight districts), Bashkiria (six districts and the city Council of Ufa), Rostov region (seven districts), Tatarstan (six districts).

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