In the state Duma will be introduced a bill to ban the sale of “dry alcohol”

In the state Duma will be introduced a bill to ban the sale of “dry alcohol”

A government bill to ban the sale in Russia of “dry alcohol” is planned to be ready by the spring, a bill will be introduced before the end of the year.

MOSCOW, 1 Dec. Mosobldumu the end of the year will submit to the Duma a bill to ban the sale in Russia of “dry alcohol”, said the Chairman of regional Parliament Igor Bryntsalov.

A proposal to ban the sale in Russia of powder (dry) alcohol in the summer was made by the Deputy head Rosalkogolregulirovanija Vladislav Spirin. On Tuesday, the Cabinet approved the “road map” to stabilize the situation in the alcohol market, according to which it is planned and prohibition “dry alcohol”. A government bill planned for the spring.

“Today we will intensify the work on the “dry alcohol” to the end of the year to submit its bill to the State Duma. I hope that thanks to our initiative neither in Russia nor in other countries of the Eurasian economic Union is this poison does not appear,” said Bryntsalov.

He explained that earlier about the dangers of powdered alcohol for health stated in the CPS, and the Committee on youth Affairs, sport and tourism quickly developed a legislative initiative on amendments to the Federal law “On state regulation of production and turnover of ethyl alcohol, alcoholic and alcohol-containing products and about restriction of consumption (drinking) of alcoholic products”.

“From our side it was a preventive measure, to prevent “dry alcohol” in the country, and not then, in fact, to fight this new peril,” Bryntsalov said.

He said that a ban of powdered alcohol in Mosobldumu was discussed a long time ago as soon as started to appear the rumors about the imminent arrival of these products to the Russian market. So, the Moscow regional youth Parliament conducted monitoring and found out that the Internet already has a large number of queries on a dry alcohol.

“Dry alcohol haven’t even started to be sold, but people, mostly young people, already searched, how and where to buy it”, — said the speaker.

Attempts to sell powdered alcohol made in the USA, Germany, the Netherlands and Japan. Problems of Russian alcohol market has again become the focus of public attention after in November, dozens of Russians have died from poisoning surrogate whiskey.