“Relations are very sorry”: Vladimir Putin has accused Ankara of abetting terrorists

“Relations are very sorry”: Vladimir Putin has accused Ankara of abetting terrorists

MOSCOW, December 1. The conflict between Moscow and Ankara that arose after November 24, Turkish F-16 shot down Russian bomber su-24M, was one of the most debated topics on the sidelines of the UN conference on climate in Paris. The presidents of Russia and Turkey Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the same time were among the 150 heads of state and government participating in the forum.

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Sands: the response of the Turkish authorities on the incident with su-24 resembles a theatre of the absurd

A few days before the event, Erdogan called on the Russian side in a positive manner to discuss the crisis in bilateral relations.

“We say to Russia: “let’s discuss these topics between us, within our borders, we will find a solution,” that “climate forum in Paris may be a good opportunity.”

Not surprisingly, the likelihood that Putin and Erdogan will face, excited journalists, despite the fact that the representatives of the Cream has repeatedly ruled out a similar situation.

Confirm the fact that the meeting was not, had himself and the Russian President.

“With the President of Turkey we haven’t met, not met, the meeting was not”, – Putin said, answering a question of journalists.

The problems started long ago

The Russian President noted that he was very sorry for the relations between Russia and Turkey, which he personally did a lot, but a number of problems in the dialogue with Ankara there for a long time.

I think we all feel sorry and I am personally very sorry, because I personally have done a lot to build those relationships over a long period of time

Vladimir Putin

One of the problems is the presence on the territory of Turkey terrorists who conducted subversive activities in Russia.

“We have been asked to pay attention to the fact that members of the terrorist organizations that have been fighting and trying to fight us with arms in some regions of Russia, including in the North Caucasus, “float” on the territory of Turkey”, – gave the example of the President, stressing that Moscow asked Ankara “to halt such practices”.

“However, we are stating that they are on the territory of the Turkish Republic who live on protected by security services and police regions, and then, using a visa-free regime, emerge again in our territory, and we continue to deal with them”, – said Putin.

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History of visa-free regime between Russia and Turkey. Dossier

On 28 November, the President signed a decree on application of special economic measures against Turkey involving, including, suspension from 1 January 2016, of the agreement with Turkey on visa-free regime.

Political tensions between Moscow and Ankara , too different points of view from two countries, calling each other strategic partners and to resolve the situation in Syria, and on the question of the reunification of the Crimea with Russia and on the events known as the Armenian genocide. So far, however, all the differences outweigh the economic and strategic interests, too much has been invested, including projects in the energy sector, and border security was not the last value. However, the incident with the su-24M has undermined decades of partnership.

It is no coincidence that Putin called it a “stab in the back”.

Obama and other intermediaries

As for the topic of the downed Russian plane, then, of course, those occasions almost all of my bilateral meetings, I gave the appropriate explanations, talked about what happened. All colleagues listened carefully and most share at least the notion that there was no need to strike at the unprotected Russian bomber that Turkey is not threatened

Vladimir Putin

At the same time in the world to understand that the conflict between the two countries will not contribute to stabilization in the zone of the Syrian conflict, and may also damage efforts to create a United front against terrorism. That is why on the sidelines of the conference in Paris was constantly on calls to Ankara and Moscow to ease tensions. In particular, this

Kind of a mediator between the parties, there is US President Barack Obama. On Monday, he spoke with Putin on Tuesday morning scheduled to meet with Erdogan.

Obama “expressed regret over the deaths of Russians”, as well as the belief that Russia and Turkey should “ensure the de-escalation and to avoid steps that could lead to risk of” aggravation of the situation. Ben Rhodes, and this is necessary to avoid “further complications” between Moscow and Ankara, “in the name of progress, which all need to be achieved to resolve the situation in Syria.”

Words of regret about obstinee relations between the two countries sound these days not only in Paris.

I’m the type of person who worked for many years in order to bring closer the positions of Russia and Turkey, to make them friendly, from the time of Prime Minister Demirel, starting with President Yeltsin. And all this was built many years can go down the drain

Nursultan Nazarbayev
the President of Kazakhstan

Who is paying terrorists for oil

However, despite the fact that Erdogan expressed hope that the incident with the Russian plane would not be repeated, and also said that Moscow did not wait for an official apology. Moreover, the Russian President put forward serious accusations against the Turkish authorities, in fact damaging their words about the readiness to deal with terrorism in the eyes of the West.

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Putin: some countries ‘ attempts to “flirt” with terrorists will backfire on themselves

Answering questions of journalists in Paris, Putin stressed that the financial support of terrorists in Syria continues, Russia has reason to believe that the Russian su-24 was shot down to protect the illegal oil supply from Syria to Turkey.

“We obtained additional data confirming that the oil controlled by the ISIL (the former name “Islamic state”, an organization banned in Russia), this oil on an industrial scale flows to Turkey. And we have every reason to believe that the decision over whether to shoot down our aircraft, was dictated by the desire to ensure the safety of ways to deliver this oil to ports where it is shipped in tankers”, – said Putin.

For its part, Erdogan just a few minutes after the conversation with journalists Putin said that , if it is confirmed allegations of his country’s procurement of oil from the “Islamic state” (IG).

But Russia insists that she has proof. Even before the incident with the su-24M on the summit of “twenty” in Turkish Antalya Putin showed photos taken from the height of 5 thousand meters of Russian pilots. They are seen as cars carrying oil, arranged in sequence and go beyond the horizon. “It looks like a living oil pipeline,” he described the pictures of the President of the Russian Federation.

In Antalya, the dialogue with Erdogan was possible, now Russia needs not only an apology, but the explanation – which side plays to Ankara.

November 20
Army and defence industry

Pilots and equipment from the air base Hamim sent a message to terrorists with bombs

Putin recalled that the Russian pilots are often in Syria write on missiles the words “our” or “Paris”, referring to the terrorists for revenge against the Russians who died in the terrorist attack against the aircraft “Kogalymavia” in the skies over Sinai or the French victims killed in explosions in the capital of France. “And this bomber (the Russian su-24 struggled against terorristov in Syria) shot down a plane from the Turkish air force; what you can say about a broad coalition?” – Putin asked a rhetorical question.

At the same time in Paris the Russian President once again expressed the hope that the broad coalition against terrorism will be created. “We always were in favour of this, but this cannot be done, until someone will use part of the terrorist organizations to achieve immediate goals,” said Putin.

“But we will continue to strive to create a viable broad coalition. So regional, parochial or financial interests went by the wayside in the face of global terror threat”, – stressed the President.

Operation HQs of the Russian Federation in Syria

The Russian military launched operation against the militants “Islamic state” and “dzhebhat EN-Nusra” (organization banned in Russia) in Syria on 30 September, at the request of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. From 17 November Russia has launched massive strikes on militants, including the use of strategic bombers. The Israeli military said the strikes will focus on the objects of production, processing and transportation of oil, controlled is prohibited in the Russian Federation the terrorist group “Islamic state”. The General staff announced the beginning of “free hunting” Russian air force on tanker trucks with petroleum products belonging to terrorists. As reported earlier, the Russian defense Minister, army General Sergey Shoigu, the terrorists each day lost $1.5 million because of Russian air strikes.