The CEC will verify the information on deposits and securities of candidates to the state Duma

The CEC will verify the information on deposits and securities of candidates to the state Duma

MOSCOW, December 1. The CEC in 2016 will test candidates on the Duma and regional elections on the subject of concealment or distortion of information about deposits and securities. This was reported to journalists the Deputy Chairman of the Russian Central election Commission Stanislav Vavilov.

“We will check not only securities, but also deposits”

“From February 9, changes in laws, including the law on the securities market… We will check not only securities but also the banks,” he said.

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Vavilov added that the CEC is developing jointly with the Central Bank’s new regulations, which will be checked the information provided by the candidates.

The Deputy Chairman of the CEC noted that during the election campaign of 2015 were revealed the facts of unreliability of the information provided on securities in respect of more than 4 thousand candidates.

Vavilov also said that more than 50 million rubles were received on election accounts of candidates in governors of the violations and were returned to the donators.

According to him, the General monetary Fund all parties and candidates in regional and municipal elections this year amounted to 1,873 billion rubles of them were spent during the campaign 1.72 billion rubles.

“Election of officers (General cash Fund totaled) 573 million spent 508,7 million Returned illegal donations in the amount of 51 million rubles,” – said Vavilov.

He added that on elections of deputies of regional representative bodies in total were collected 702,5 million rubles spent 649,5 million.

Vavilov also said that the CEC has directed to court reports on the violation of the terms of financial reporting by the six parties, in respect of one of them – “Smart Russia” is sentenced to a fine of 150 thousand rubles.

He recalled that on 24 November 2014 entered into force, the statutory requirement about attraction to administrative responsibility of parties that violated the term for the submission of financial reports.

“I was six, they sent to the courts. One party has already decided, she has three times violated, a fine of 150 thousand rubles is imposed,” – said Vavilov.

He said that the fined party “Smart Russia”, she can still appeal the court’s decision.

The amendment “immunity” election account

The CEC of Russia has developed draft amendments to the Federal law “immunity” special election account to facilitate the opening of accounts of the candidates before the elections to the state Duma, also said Vavilov.

He recalled that the experience of previous election campaigns has shown that parties and candidates face difficulties when opened election accounts in Sberbank, as it applies to them as to ordinary bills, and acts according to the regulations, making the process open longer. Without election account it is impossible to start the campaign.

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“We have developed a draft law and sent it to the Central Bank, Tax service, Federal bailiff service,” – said Vavilov.

According to him, the CEC has received feedback on the draft and suggestions.

The Chairman of the Commission said that the CEC has no right of legislative initiative and now decides who will submit a bill to the state Duma. “Now we are going to have a conversation with state Duma deputies, Federation Council members,” he said, adding that the law is expected in the CEC will be adopted and will take effect by the beginning of the Duma campaign.

Vavilov added that in the spring the CEC together with Sberbank will hold all-Russian training for the opening of the election accounts. “A full understanding was found the head of Sberbank. Agreed that March-April will conduct nationwide training for opening of special election accounts, we will involve the electoral Commission, the party branch of Sberbank”, – he said.

Candidates with a second citizenship

The CEC of Russia on the eve of the Duma elections intensifies its cooperation with the Russian foreign Ministry to identify candidates who have a second citizenship, said Vavilov.

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“We agreed with the foreign Ministry, he sent his representative in the composition of the control and audit service,” he said.

According to Vavilov, “the EU partners are reluctant to provide such data” (on citizenship), while with CIS “almost no problems”.

“We understand that to be one of the registry those who have dual citizenship, throughout Russia prematurely. But this work strengthened”, – said Deputy Chairman of the CEC.

According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, have no right to be elected citizens of the Russian Federation having citizenship of the foreign state or residence permit or other document confirming the right of permanent residence of a citizen of the Russian Federation on the territory of a foreign state. These citizens have the right to be elected to local government bodies, if required by an international Treaty of the Russian Federation.

Elections 2015: the false information about diplomas and candidates with a criminal record

About 70 candidates in the elections of different level in September 2015 provided the Commission inaccurate information about their documents on education, also said Vavilov.

“It was found about 70 of cases, candidates had operated on false documents about education,” he said.

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About 7 thousand of candidates with criminal record were nominated for elections of different level in 2015, 1.8 thousand were elected, also said Vavilov.

“All across the country in the election campaign of 2015 was nominated 6850 candidate, having or having a criminal record, of which 1891 – 111 for serious and for particularly serious crimes,” he said.

According to Vavilov, the stage of registration were 4.2 thousand candidates. At different stages of the electoral process excluded from the electoral race more than 1 million people.

“Among the elect was 1.8 thousand of candidates with criminal records,” – said Vavilov. He said that these people had no restrictions for participation in elections, their previous convictions have been removed or suppressed.

An educational film about what to do in case of emergency

The CEC sent out to all regions educational film about what to do in case of an emergency situation at a polling station, also said Vavilov.

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“We made a film in which we were losing emergency connected with safety issues, for example, if someone wants to break into the station. We have sent out, now this film in all regions”, – he said.

In addition, the CEC in the run-up to elections on 18 September will conduct the training jointly with the Ministry of interior to ensure safety on plots, said the Chairman of the Commission. “We have been and will continue to conduct special educational training on how to check, how to look, how to act in case of emergency”, – he explained.

Last week the head of the CEC Vladimir Churov has expressed fears that because of cutbacks in the Ministry of internal Affairs polling stations may be left without due protection. The CEC also clarified that a separate article on protection of areas in the budget allocated for the conduct of elections, no.

A single day of voting

On the single voting day on September 13 in 83 constituent entities took place over 10.7 thousand elections of different level. In particular, in 21 regions have passed elections of the higher officials, 11 deputies of legislatures. The total number of candidates on elections of all levels amounted to 207 thousand people.

Duma elections held on 18 September 2016. Also in 38 regions the people will choose deputies of the legislatures, at least in five regions will pass elections of the higher officials.