The energy Ministry: in Crimea remain without electricity over 888 thousand people

The energy Ministry: in Crimea remain without electricity over 888 thousand people

MOSCOW, December 1. Without electricity in the Crimea as of 07:30 GMT 888,6 have about a thousand people, according to the situational and analytical center of the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation.

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Two additional brigade of the Kuban power engineers sent to the Crimea

All socially important facilities connected to backup power sources. Works on connection of consumers continue.

Electricity generation amounted to 392 MW, set appropriate limits on consumption.

For the energy supply of socially significant facilities of Sevastopol is currently used 185 backup sources with a total capacity of 20.5 MW: 35 objects involved in hospitals, 25 in the facilities of water, 18 wastewater pumping stations 107 at other sites.

Just for restoring power supply of socially significant and infrastructure projects included in the work 1138 backup power sources with a total capacity of 178.7 MW.

Additional generator sets

In the Crimea during the day, delivered more than 100 generator sets, reports of EMERCOM of Russia.

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In addition, in the Crimea brought 120 tons of fuel, 750 tons of liquefied gas, 24 tons of food, at the same time delivered a 60 light towers to illuminate the streets.

“Given the current fuel consumption mobile generator sets in the Crimean Federal district in the presence of a supply of fuel for 13 days,” – said in the MOE.

According to “Krymenergo”, socially important facilities with round-the-clock stay of people and potentially dangerous objects are powered by backup power supply sources. In houses, electricity is available fan method in accordance with the schedule of “Krymenergo”.

“The schedule of the fan energy supply is under special control”, – reported in the MOE.

Mobile hospital

To assist the population in conditions of energy shortage of electricity in the Crimea arrived mobile hospital, Federal medical-biological Agency (FMBA) with 11 special vehicles of emergency medicine, reported in the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation.

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“On behalf of the Minister Veronika Skvortsova in the country specialized medical arrived brigade of emergency response”, – explained in the Ministry.

The hospital will start operating in Kerch, where there is the most difficult situation with energy supply. As explained in the Ministry of health, it includes mobile diesel generator that provides Autonomous operation of all systems, ambulance, out-patient clinic with the necessary apparatus, resuscitation unit and a full operating room, dressing room, clinic, laboratory. On the basis of mobile diagnostic laboratories may conduct x-ray studies, CT, ultrasound, ECG examinations, mammography.

Currently, the combined mobile unit of emergency medical aid mobile hospital includes 39 physicians: therapist, pediatrician, cardiologist, surgeon, anesthesiologist, ultrasound specialists, CT and nursing staff.

A state of emergency

Electricity supplied to the Crimea from the Kherson region of Ukraine by four transmission lines. However, all four transmission lines were damaged due to the actions of Ukrainian radicals on November 22, as a result, the supply was discontinued.

The emergency mode operates in the Crimea from the 22nd of November. In connection with the termination of the supply of electricity from Ukraine on the Peninsula entered schedule rolling blackout.