Putin: freedom of enterprise is critical to the development

Putin: freedom of enterprise is critical to the development

MOSCOW, December 3. Freedom of enterprise is critical to the development, said the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in the Message to the Federal Assembly. “I think free enterprise is economically important and socially significant issue. It is here that the freedom of entrepreneurship, expansion of free enterprise – we need to answer all the restrictions that we’re trying to create,” he said.

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Medvedev: the business environment in Russia is becoming more predictable

The President demanded from the government to submit, by 1 July of a proposal to reduce the powers of regulatory bodies in business.

However, Putin believes that excessive activity of law enforcement bodies interferes with the business climate. “This direct destruction of the business climate, – said the head of state in his address to the Federal Assembly. – Ask the investigative authorities and the Prosecutor to pay special attention to this”.

The President noted that in 2014 in Russia opened nearly 200 thousand criminal cases on economic crimes. To vessels of them reached 46 thousand, 15 thousand cases have fallen apart in the courts. “It turns out that the sentence had ended only 15 per cent of cases”, – concluded Putin. He added that the vast majority of defendants in these cases – about 83% – completely or partially lost business. “That is, they have oppressively, pulled and released”, – stated the head of state.

He indicated that the prosecutors should make greater use of existing instruments of control over the quality of the investigation. The President also recalled the debate on additional powers of the Prosecutor’s office. Today, the Supervisory Department has tools such as the cancellation of the resolution about initiation of criminal case, refusal to approve the indictment or support of prosecution in court. “We should more actively use what’s there,” Mr Putin said. “After that we will be able to analyze what happens in practice,” he added.

According to the head of state, the detention at the stage of investigation of economic offences to be used as a last resort, preferring pledge, recognizance not to leave and house arrest.

On taxes and Amnesty

Also, the President of the Russian Federation suggests to give to regions the right to reduce the tax rate on profits to zero in the framework of investment contracts.

The President also proposed to extend for six months the Amnesty of capital and to simplify the process. “Last year it was announced Amnesty for capital returning to Russia. Meanwhile, the business does not hurry to take advantage of this opportunity. So the procedure is difficult, warranties is not enough. I ask the government to hold additional consultations with the business community, with the Supreme Court, with law enforcement and in a short time to make the proper adjustments. And the Amnesty offer extended for another six months,” he said.

The President’s address to the Federal Assembly. Text translation