Aksenov: enterprises of the Crimea will resume work after December 20

Aksenov: enterprises of the Crimea will resume work after December 20

After the filing of an additional 200 megawatts of electricity schedules of emergency outages will be reviewed in order to ensure that enterprises of the Republic, said the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov.

SIMFEROPOL, 3 Dec. The work of Crimean enterprises will resume after 20th December with the receipt of the Crimea additional 200 megawatts of power on the energy bridge, said during a meeting of operational staff on elimination of emergency situations head of the Republic Sergey Aksenov.

The power system of the Crimea ten days working in stand-alone mode. The Peninsula was completely de-energized in the night of November 22, the result of blowing up of transmission towers coming from the Ukraine. In Crimea and Sevastopol were introduced a state of emergency, schedules of emergency outages. The bulk of Crimean enterprises for the purpose of saving electric power has suspended, the workers of enterprises of various forms of ownership were released in the holidays, some at their own expense.

“After the filing of an additional 200 megawatts by December 20 all graphs (blackouts — ed.) will be revised to conditionally after 18 hours until the morning, when people are at home, electricity is supplied to the housing Fund, and during the day, from 9 hours to 17 hours, — to the enterprises”, — said Aksenov.

He noted that the balance of load and supply power in the Crimea should be respected provided heat and water to the population, and expressed the hope that even small restrictions after December 20, Crimean enterprises will be able to start their activities.

On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Crimea and has launched the first phase of the power bridge from the Krasnodar region through the Kerch Strait, which gave the Peninsula a further 230 MW, until December 20, is expected to be 230 MW, which will significantly reduce power shortages.

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