Putin listed the exposed risk sectors of the economy

Putin listed the exposed risk sectors of the economy

Moscow. December 3. A number of Russian industries now find themselves at risk, they need state support, said President Vladimir Putin in the Message to the Federal Assembly.

“It is primarily construction, automotive, light industry, railway engineering,” he said. For these industries the government should offer special support programs, Putin said, stressing that the financial resources for this purpose.

However, he noted that in Russia “there are successful enterprises in industry, agriculture, small and medium business”. “The goal is that the number of such companies grew rapidly in all industries. To achieve this goal should be directed to the program of import substitution and export support”, – said Putin.

In General, according to him, the situation in the Russian economy is difficult, but not critical. “Industrial production and the rate of the national currency was broadly stable, there has been a decline in inflation. Compared to the 2014 year, we capture a substantial reduction in the outflow of capital,” he said.

At the same time, Putin encouraged the country is preparing for a long period of low oil prices.

“We must be prepared for the fact that the period of low prices for raw materials may be delayed, and take a long time”, – he said, stressing that it is impossible to calm down and wait until energy prices rise. “This approach is unacceptable in principle. Doing nothing, we simply will drive our reserves, and the growth rate of the economy will oscillate somewhere at zero,” said Putin.

According to him, it is now determined by position in the global division of labour, and Russia should keep its leading place.