Putin: to solve the problem of terrorism can only be a single coalition

Putin: to solve the problem of terrorism can only be a single coalition

MOSCOW, December 3. Terrorism is becoming global, and the forces of one country to defeat him is impossible. Russia, itself faced with the manifestations of extremism, believes that the way to solve this problem, one: the formation of a broad and unified coalition. This was stated by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, having devoted almost a quarter of the annual message to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation the issue of combating terrorism.

In the same context, Putin raised the issue of Russian-Turkish relations. According to him, the “ruling clique” in Ankara was responsible for the deaths of Russian servicemen in Syria, and Moscow will never forget this complicity to terrorists.

Made the mess and washed his hands

Putin reiterated his call for all countries to join efforts in the fight against extremism, leaving aside the momentary geopolitical interests.

“It is impossible to defeat international terrorism by one country, especially in conditions when the border actually opened, and the world is experiencing new migration of peoples”, – said the head of the Russian state.

According to him, the situation is exacerbated by ongoing financial support given to the terrorists.

Stressing that the threat of terrorism globally is growing, Putin listed the countries where the situation is most acute. They include Afghanistan, as well as “recently stable and relatively prosperous countries in the Middle East and North Africa – Iraq, Libya, Syria, which has become a zone of chaos and anarchy, which threatened the whole world.”

“And we know why it happened, know who wanted to depose undesirable regimes, to impose its own rules”, – said the President of the Russian Federation. “As a result: made the mess, ruined the statehood, people, bleed, and then just, as we say in Russia, washed his hands, opening the way to radicals, extremists and terrorists,” he said.

To destroy on distant approaches

Putin stressed that combating terrorism in Syria for Russia is of special importance because among the militants there – a lot of natives of Russia and CIS countries. “They get money, weapons, accumulate forces and, if stronger, will win there, it inevitably will be with us, to spread fear and loathing, blow up, kill and torture people. And we must meet them and to destroy on distant approaches” – said the head of the Russian state.

That is why it was decided to military operations on the basis of official request of the legitimate Syrian authorities. “In Syria, our armed forces are fighting first of all for Russia, defending the security of our citizens”, – said Putin.

Assessing the progress of anti-terrorist operation, the President noted that the army and Navy of Russia convincingly demonstrated their combat capability and increased capacity. “Modern Russian weapons is effective, and invaluable practice of its application in combat is generalized and will be used for further improvement of our military equipment,” – he said. Putin has to the applause of the audience thanked the engineers, workers and all those who work at the enterprises of the defence industry.

On terrorism – the General strike

In the fight against terrorism, Russia has demonstrated the utmost responsibility and its leadership, and decisive actions were supported by the Russian society, the President emphasized. In this position of the Russians – “a deep understanding of the total threat of terrorism, a manifestation of true patriotism, high moral qualities, the conviction that national interests, their history, traditions, our values need to be defended,” he said.

The Russian leader reminded that in the twentieth century in a timely manner unwillingness to join efforts in the struggle against Nazism was paid tens of millions of lives. “Today we are again face to face with the destructive, barbaric ideology and are not entitled to prevent the latter-day bigots have achieved their goals. You need to put aside all disputes and differences, to create one powerful fist of a United anti-terrorist front, which will act on the basis of international law and under UN auspices,” said he.

Putin stressed that “every civilized state now has an obligation to contribute to the defeat of terrorism, to show solidarity, and not by declarations, but by concrete actions”. “There is no asylum to terrorists, no double standards, no contacts with any terrorist organizations, any attempts to use them for their own purposes, no criminal, bloody business with terrorists,” – said the head of state.

Tomatoes don’t cut it

Speaking about the fight against terrorism, Putin mentioned Turkey, which brought down a Russian su-24, involved in anti-terrorist operations. According to the President, Ankara will not leave from the answer for such aiding terrorists.

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“We know, for example, those in Turkey fills your pocket and makes you money to terrorists for selling looted Syrian oil. It is this money which the bandits recruit mercenaries, buy weapons, organize the inhuman terrorist attacks against our citizens and against citizens of France, Lebanon, Mali and other countries”, – said the President. In Turkey, he recalled, sheltered and supported militants who were active in the North Caucasus in the 90s and 2000s

At the same time, Putin noted that “the Turkish people – good, hardworking and talented”. “We do not put an equal sign between them and part of today’s ruling elite, which is directly responsible for the deaths of our soldiers in Syria,” – said the Russian leader.

“We will not forget this complicity to terrorists”, – the President promised. “Always believed and continue to believe the betrayal the most recent and shameful case. Let them know that those in Turkey who was shot in the back of our pilots who hypocritically tries to justify himself, his actions and cover up the crimes of terrorists”, – said the head of state.

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“Only, perhaps, Allah knows why they did it. Apparently, Allah decided to punish the ruling clique in Turkey, depriving her of reason,” he continued to loud applause, the President of Russia.

Putin stressed: “we will not wait nervous, hysterical, dangerous to ourselves and to the world reactions… In the basis of our actions would be responsible to their country and people. We are not going and won’t rattle the saber”.

“But if someone thinks that, having committed a despicable war crime – the killing of our people, they will get off with a tomato or some limitations in construction or other industries, they are deeply mistaken, – assured the President. – We do not just recall what they did and they will regret his actions”.

Consent is the basis of statehood

Putin noted that a response to the terrorist threat mobilized the Armed Forces, intelligence agencies, law enforcement agencies. However, to understand his responsibility should all – government, political parties, civil society, the media, he added.

“The strength of Russia lies in the free development of all peoples, in the variety, harmony and cultures, languages and traditions, in mutual respect, dialogue and Orthodox, and Muslims, followers of Judaism and Buddhism”, – said Putin. “We must firmly oppose any manifestations of extremism and xenophobia, to preserve interethnic and interreligious accord. This is the historical basis of our society and the Russian statehood”, – said the President of the Russian Federation.

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