Putin’s message: anti-terrorist front and the liberalization of criminal legislation

Putin’s message: anti-terrorist front and the liberalization of criminal legislation

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin spoke in St. George hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace with the traditional address to the Federal Assembly. In his speech, the President called for the establishment of an international front against terrorism, has raised the question of diversification of the economy, has proposed to expand the role of juries and reported on prolongation of the maternity capital programme.

The message of Vladimir Putin to the quotes

The message to the Federal Assembly Vladimir Putin has begun with the announcement of a minute of silence in memory of those killed in Syria Russian troops. “Please honor the memory of our soldiers who gave their lives in the line of duty”, – he addressed the audience.

About the international fight against terrorism

The President of the Russian Federation has declared necessity of creation of unified international front in the fight against terrorism.

“We know what is aggression of international terrorism, – Putin said. – Russia ran into her in the middle of 1990-ies and our country, its citizens have experienced violent terrorist attack”. The President noted that the terrorist attacks in Russia has already claimed thousands of lives and “it is a sorrow that will forever remain with us.” “It took almost 10 years to break the backbone of the bandits, – said Putin. We squeezed almost of terrorists from Russia. But still have been fighting with the remnants of the bandit underground”. The threat of terrorism growing, the President said.

You need to put aside all disputes and differences, to create one powerful fist of a United anti-terrorist front, which will act on the basis of international law and under the auspices of the United Nations

About the operation in Syria

SPECIAL project

From Russia with support
As the aircraft of the Russian Federation helps to fight with terrorists in Syria

“In Syria, our Armed Forces are fighting first of all for Russia, to defend the security of our citizens,” Putin said. According to the President, the army and Navy of the Russian Federation convincingly demonstrated its combat capability and increased capacity.

A particular danger for Russia comes from gathered in Syria the militants, said the head of state. “Many of them are natives of Russia and CIS countries. They get money, weapons and gathering forces. And if you get stronger, win there, it inevitably will be with us, to spread fear and loathing, blow up, kill, torture people”, – Putin said. According to the President, which is why it was decided to military operations in Syria on the basis of official request of the legitimate Syrian authorities.

On combating the financing of terrorism

“Every civilized nation has a responsibility to contribute to the defeat of the terrorists, to reaffirm its solidarity not by declarations, but by concrete action, and that means no shelter for bandits, no double standards, no contacts with any terrorist organizations, any attempts to use them for their own purposes, no criminal, bloody business with terrorists,” Putin said.

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Defense Ministry: the Turkish government is involved in illegally obtaining Syrian oil from ISIS

The Russian President accused Ankara of supporting terrorists and promised that Russia will not forget their complicity with extremists from the “ruling clique” of Turkey, which resulted in the deaths of Russian soldiers. “We know who Turkey stuffing in your pocket and allows you to earn money to terrorists”, – said Putin. According to him, it is this money “the bandits recruit mercenaries, buy weapons, organize the inhuman terrorist attacks against our citizens, citizens of France, Lebanon, Mali and other countries.”

The President reminded that in Turkey, took refuge and received moral and material support to the militants operating in the North Caucasus in the 1990s and 2000s, noting that “and now they are still there take notice.” Meanwhile, the Russian leader noted that “the Turkish people – good, hardworking and talented”.

“In Turkey we have a lot of old and reliable friends. And let me stress that we do not put an equal sign between them and part of today’s ruling elite, which is directly responsible for the deaths of our soldiers in Syria,” the President said, and assured that Russia “will not wait nervous, hysterically dangerous for us and for the world reaction.”

You need to put aside all disputes and differences, to create one powerful fist of a United anti-terrorist front, which will act on the basis of international law and under the auspices of the United Nations

On elections and social cohesion

Speaking about the elections of 2016, the head of state pointed out that competition for elections should be fair and transparent, stating the need to ensure public confidence in their results.

Addressing the participants of the future of the electoral process, to all public-political forces of the country, Putin cited Nikolai Karamzin: “Who does not respect himself, and others will not be respected”. “Don’t say that love of country should blind us and assure that we are all and all better. But Russian should know their value,” he said.

We can argue about the ways of solving certain problems, but must maintain cohesion, to remember that the main thing for us – Russia

According to Putin, electoral competition should be fair and transparent, take place in the framework of the law, with respect to voters. He urged “to ensure public confidence in the election results, their sustained legitimacy”.

On the liberalization of criminal legislation

Putin has asked deputies to support the proposal on the decriminalization of several articles of the criminal code, noting that almost every second criminal case brought to the courts, associated with small, minor crimes, but people, including young, are brought to the place of deprivation of liberty.

“Stay there, itself a criminal record, affecting their fate and often leads to further crimes,” the President said.

Putin also proposed to expand the role of juries in the possibility of reducing the number of jurymen in court up to 5-7 people, increasing the independence and objectivity of the judicial process.

A jury in the Russian Federation. Dossier

On the situation in the economy

The economic situation is difficult, but not critical, visible positive trends, said the head of state. Need to achieve a balanced budget, the deficit in 2016 should not exceed 3% of GDP, the President said. According to him, the period of low prices for raw materials and external constraints can take a long time.

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Putin urged not to relax and not expect miracles in the economy

“Be aware that a number of industries now find themselves at risk. Primarily the construction, automotive, light industry, railway engineering. For them, the government should offer special support programs. Financial resources for this”, – assured the President and proposed to capitalize the Fund of development of the industry 20 billion rubles in 2016. Putin noted that you should only support competitive domestic production.

Does not mean you have to calm down and wait that everything will miraculously change, or just wait for rising oil prices. Such an approach is unacceptable in principle. We must be prepared for the fact that the period of low prices for raw materials, and, possibly, external limitations may be delayed, and take a long time. Without changing anything, we simply “drive” our reserves, and the growth rate of the economy will fluctuate somewhere around zero

“I think free enterprise is economically important and socially significant issue. It is here that, freedom of enterprise, the expansion of free enterprise we have to answer all the restrictions that we’re trying to create,” he added.

In the global economy, according to Putin, Russia should take its place among the leaders. “The formation of new trading blocs, there are radical changes in technology. It is now determined by position in the global division of labour in the decades ahead. We can and must take place among the leaders,” he said.

Putin raised the question of diversification of the economy the first priority of economic development. “Only by changing the structure of the economy, we will be able to solve major problems in the security sphere of social development, to create modern jobs and increase the quality and living standards of regions”, – he stressed. To achieve this goal should be directed to the program of import substitution and export support, technological renewal of production and of professional training, emphasized the head of state.

Amnesty of capitals

Putin proposed to extend for six months the Amnesty of capital and simplify its implementation. “Business is in no hurry to take this opportunity. So, the procedure is difficult, warranties is not enough. I ask the government to hold additional consultations with the business community, with the Supreme Court, with law enforcement and in a short time to make the proper adjustments. And the Amnesty offer extended for another six months,” he said.

The development of agriculture

Russia’s agriculture have made a breakthrough in a short period, said the head of state. “Last year, Russian export of agricultural products amounted to nearly $20 billion, a quarter more than the revenue from arms sales, or about one-third of the revenues from gas exports. Such progress in our agriculture has made during his short but fruitful period,” he said.

“Even 10 years ago, almost half of the food we imported from abroad, is critically dependent on imports. Russia is now among exporters, many thanks to the villagers,” added Putin.

Russia can become the world’s largest supplier of healthy eating, stressed the President. According to him, it is necessary to focus resources on the support of highly efficient farms.

The Russian President instructed the government by June 1 to submit proposals for the confiscation of unused agricultural land and selling them.

On the economic partnership between the countries of the EEU, the SCO and ASEAN

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin spoke in favour of the study of creating large-scale economic partnership between the countries of the Eurasian economic Union (EEU), Shanghai cooperation organization (SCO) and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). These countries together account for almost a third of the world economy at purchasing power parity. According to Putin, at the initial stage of this partnership could focus on the issues of investment protection, streamlining procedures for the movement of goods across borders, joint development of standards for the production of the next technological generation and on the reciprocal opening of market access services and capital.

Russia is interested in business cooperation with other countries and welcomes investors that are configured for long-term work on the Russian market, the President said.


The program of the parent capital it is necessary to extend at least two years, said the head of state, noting that for three consecutive years in Russia registered natural population growth.

According to all forecasts, we should be sliding into a new demographic hole. A generation would have sounded the echo of the nineties, what we were told and foretold the experts-demographers, including those at the level of the United Nations. But this is not happening. And first of all, because half of newborns today are second, third and subsequent children

“Families want to raise children, believe in their future, believe in your country, are counting on the support of the state”, – says the Russian leader.

On health care

From next year, Russian health care is fully transferred to insurance principles, the President said. The direct responsibility of insurance companies working in mandatory health insurance (MHI) is to defend the rights of patients, including unjustified refusals to provide free medical care. “If the insurance company fails to do so, she must be responsible, up to a ban to operate within the CHI system. I ask the government to ensure strict oversight,” he said.

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Putin instructed to create in the MLA support high-tech operations

The President ordered the deputies to take in the spring session of the amendment on establishment of a special Federal unit in the system of mandatory medical insurance. It is necessary to ensure uninterrupted provision of hi-tech medical aid to the population, said Putin.

The Russian President also called on the regions to account in the matter of fleet renewal of medical equipment. “In the framework of the national project “Health” was a significant upgrading of the ambulance service, we have purchased a large number of modern ambulances and other equipment – said the head of state. – It is clear that time passes, and the fleet is in need of repair, renewal – 10 years have passed. It is the responsibility of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, they are obliged to provide the solution to this problem and to find reserves.”

We have done much in demography, education, health. Major landmarks in these areas identified in the Executive orders of may 2012. Of course, life is different and significant. But now with the current challenges responsible for the welfare of the people increases day by day. Please take these edicts seriously, you need to strive for their fulfillment

About education

Putin demanded to increase the level of education of students and to create new training places. The following year it was decided to send Federal funds for repair, reconstruction and construction of new schools to 50 billion rubles, said the head of state. Over the next 10 years the number of schoolchildren in Russia will increase by 3.5 million people, said the President of the Russian Federation.

We have a really interesting, ambitious children and young people. We must do all that today students received an excellent education, was able to be creative, to choose a profession for everyone, to realize themselves. So regardless of where they live, what income their parents, the children themselves would be an equal opportunity for a successful start in life

The success of Russia

Putin is convinced that Russia will succeed if the society will move to it together.

“Russia is part of the global world that is constantly changing,” he said. “We understand the magnitude of the existing problems, both external and internal; in the way of any development there are always difficulties and obstacles,” the President said. “We will respond to all calls, we will act creatively and productively, to work for the common good and for Russia’s sake, we will go forward together and together we will succeed”, – said the head of state.

Putin recalled that Russia has recently experienced another major milestone when the country was reunited with the Crimea. “Russia loudly declared itself as a strong, independent state with 1000 years of history and great traditions, a nation that is consolidated by common values and common goals”, – he noted. “We are confident and now, when Russia is conducting an open, straight fight against international terrorism”, stressed the President. “We make decisions and put them into practice, knowing that to cope with the tasks can only be ourselves. But only together,” he said.

The President concluded the message with the words of Dmitri Mendeleev, the scientist who said 100 years ago: “Separate us will destroy; our strength is in our unity, army, prosperous family, multiplying the gains of the people, and the natural growth of our inner wealth and peace.”

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