Rogozin: Russia is obliged to have its own aviation industry

Rogozin: Russia is obliged to have its own aviation industry

ULAN-UDE, December 4. Russia must have its own aviation industry. This was stated in an interview with NTV, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

“A huge country with so many time zones must have its own aviation industry”, he said, calling it “a big mistake” a situation where “80% of all long-haul aircraft – foreign” and “when, as today, there is a displacement of our (Russian – approx.) aircraft on medium-and short-range networks.”

“Therefore, we frequently conduct various meetings with the aviation industry, with designers, technologists, and allocate the necessary money for future work”, – said Rogozin.

The rapid development of military aircraft industry

“As a result, today we have what our military aviation is rapidly developing, – said the Deputy Chairman of the RF government. Here lately we have taken a huge step”.

“Take the aircraft company Sukhoi”, – said Rogozin, listing such achievements as “SU-30CM, SU-35S, prospective airborne complex of frontline aviation, a new MiG-35, which is on the way”.

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The Russian aviation industry propose to dispose of the foreign engines

“We have completely moved production of Il-76 from Tashkent to Ulyanovsk and created a new modernized aircraft, 80% of the upgraded Il-476, go work on the update of the strategic aviation,” – said Deputy Prime Minister.

The same thing, according to him, decided to make “the citizen”, because the “tourist traffic due to various reasons will unfold inside the country.”

We didn’t do it 29 years

Speaking about the state of Affairs in civil aviation, Dmitry Rogozin reminded that “just recently the President was reported about the beginning of flight testing of our latest aircraft engine PD-14 is a completely new engine using composite materials and new engineering solutions.” “For fuel efficiency it is 30% higher than the PS-90, which now flies all our hard aircraft”, – said Deputy Prime Minister.

According to him, this took place in Zhukovsky: PD-14 was put on the Il-76. “He’s got four engines, one was withdrawn and instead was put the new Perm motor with a 14-ton thrust,” – said Rogozin.

“The first take-off was very touching, powerful, emotional event for all aviationshow. Because we didn’t do it 29 years”, – said Deputy Prime Minister.

Now, according to him, the flight tests will continue. “We hope that 2018 will begin serial production of the engine and its installation in the advanced aircrafts,” – said Rogozin.

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Moscow authorities are preparing a programme for the stimulation and development of enterprises of aviation industry

Promising gasifier for engine family

Hot section (gas generator) of the engine PD-14, said Dmitry Rogozin, can be scaled and can be the core of a whole family of engines. “This PD-10, and PD-12V – helicopter engine variant, which can replace the Ukrainian engine helicopter Mi-26, as well as on the Russian-Chinese perspective helicopter – listed official. And the engine is more powerful than PD-14 – upgraded 15.5 tons of thrust. This is the larger version of the MS-21 jetliner”.

Vice-Premier explained that in fact first created for the gasifier, which will have, as hopes the Rogozin, “a long, long life and will find application in the segment of engines from 9 to 18 tonnes.”

New Russian aircraft in 2017 and 2018

From 2017, said Rogozin, will launch in series of mainline aircraft MS-21 (Irkutsk aviation plant – approx.). “We will put him on the wing next summer, and we expect that from 2017 we will start to launch a series. And in 2018 he will go with our and not with the canadian engine” – promised the Deputy Prime Minister.

He added that this unique aircraft “is already fully assembled fuselage” and “he’s black lightweight composite wing”.

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Manturov: the Cabinet will try to retain planned funding to the aviation industry

“Indispensable” to the Russian official called 64-seat Il-114. “This unique aircraft to be. We will gather in Nizhny Novgorod. It can find application in military and civil aviation, – said Rogozin. – It allows an infinitely long time to stay in the air for up to 10 hours in a patrol version. And now everything is thought out decision with the engine. Work on it also deployed”. “2018 – I hope there will be a plane,” he hoped the Deputy Chairman of the RF government.

Capacity design capacity

One of the problems the domestic aviation industry Rogozin called “overwork” design Bureau. “It’s not just about planning the production, digitization of documentation, he explained. – We have now all design offices are overworked. Illincy – they have such a problem – lack of design capacity, now they add, it is developing very rapidly”, – said Deputy Prime Minister.

In future plans, he said, dalnemagistralnyh the plane. “We offer to do it together with our Chinese colleagues. They are interested in this”, – said the Deputy Chairman of the RF government, adding that “in the end, will be restored the entire fleet of civil aviation, with the use of modern solutions.”